Begins March 13, 2023

God is setting things up for the return of His Son. Believers’ hearts are being stirred. The Bridegroom is coming soon to retrieve His Bride, the Church. Still, there are many lingering questions: When will these things happen? What can we expect? Are we in the end days? How can we be ready? What specific things does the Bible teach us about the Rapture and the events that follow?

Join Sheryl Pellatiro on a 6-week journey seeking to answer these questions by comparing the ancient Jewish wedding customs with today's church, Christ's Bride. We seek to provide biblically-based details of the Rapture of the Church and some of the end-time events. This is a Bible study you do not want to miss.

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Sheryl Pellatiro is the founder and director of Solid Truth Ministries, a ministry committed to empowering believers with solid truth. She has been teaching and writing Bible studies for thirty years, ministering to hundreds at a time. Sheryl has a thriving online ministry that includes weekly Bible teachings.

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