Texas Veterinarians

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Veterinary Facility?

Our How-to Guide Will Help You Get Started

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What You Need to Know

Starting a new practice means you'll need to consider whether to build a new facility, renovate an existing facility or lease a space. Each of these choices comes with pros and cons.

This guide was created with current market data to help veterinary professionals know what needs to be considered to create sustainability with a workable business plan, and then gives guidance on which experts to consult for the implementation of your building plan.

The Veterinary Market is Robust

There hasn't been as prosperous of a time as now for Veterinarians. This isn't hype, it's backed by statistics. Getting your business started in all the right ways will create momentum for growth. Our guide will help create that trajectory for you.

Building Your Facility

Partnering with trusted advisors is key. Your plan is solid and creating a symbiotic relationship with trusted marketing, financial and design + build professionals can make a difference in time, money, and stress. Haltner Design + Build is an award-winning design-build firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. We are experts in project management and have relationships with financial institutions, business planning experts, city governments, engineering gatekeepers, and more.