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Step One: Preliminary Questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire with some pertinent questions to assist in our process. Click below.


Step Two: Transcripts

Please email a copy of your transcripts to cclair@somoag.org


Step Three: Application

After we have evaluated your transcripts and reviewed your Preliminary Questionnaire, we will send you a link via Docusign to fill out the credential application.


Step Four: Pay Application Fee

Visit our website to pay by credit card the $100 application fee. Select "Appl/Late Fee" in drop down box. Applications will not be processed until payment is received.

Next Steps:

  • An email from office will be sent with your Area Presbyter's contact information to schedule a pre-interview.
  • An email from office will be sent with Study Guides for the credential exams.

Certified- Bible & Doctrine

New License-Bible, Doctrine & Polity

  • Schedule a time to take the online exams with your Area Presbyter. (after exam link set up by office)
  • Passing exam scores of 70% or higher will be scheduled for an interview.
  • Attend orientation & interview.
  • If approved, application is sent to National Office for final approval. (May take 2-3 weeks)

Certified Level credentials are interviewed with Area Presbyters and will not be recognized at Network Councils.

Licensed Level credentials are interviewed 3 times a year at the Network Office (January, June, & August) and will be recognized at Network Council.