Purrfect Partners

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 Kitty Kat Haven is excited to introduce our

Purrfect Partners VIP club!

Become a Purrfect Partner and you will:

  • Become part of the Kitty Kat Haven's team!
  • Creating "Happy-Ever After's" for adoption-challenged cats.
  • Ensure safety, love, and support to “Adoption-Challenged” adult cats.

Every donation goes to work immediately for Kitty Kat Haven cats!

Your support helps these extra special felines get their best chance

at having healthy lives and finding loving forever homes.

Cats Already Helped in 2021

Ramsey home edit.jpg

Ramsey was adopted in mid-January. We had to remove one of his eyes, before placing him up for adoption. He went from being a VERY friendly barn cat to an office assistant!


Kittie suffers from IBD we are currently in the process of getting it under control. She is the only cat in our Lease For Life program not in her forever home.


Adopted end of January. We are so excited for Scottie and his new family! He joined us from a local shelter due to age.

How Much Your Donations Mean to the Cats

$5 a month helps feed our cats.

$10 a month supports the purchase of lifelong medications our cats need.

$20 a month gives a whole year of care to a cat without medical issues. Since our cats never stay a whole year, your contribution will help a handful of felines.

$40 a month makes sure 5 cats per year get intake veterinary exams and vaccines.

$80 a month provides a whole year of care to a Lease for Life (hospice) cat.

$100 a month could be the money we need to afford a crucial surgery.


Your Monthly Gift Will:

  • Make Adoptions Happen
  • Support Foster & Lease for Life (hospice) Cats
  • Save "Unwanted" Cats from Euthanization
  • Daily Care of Our Special Felines.

For more information visit our programs page webpage

No one can be perfect...

but you will be close once you become a Purrfect Partner!

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