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Prepping for Your Final Chapter


NM New Elders are invited to participate/hear a discussion relating to how to prepare for the inevitable event in our life – our death.  The best gift we can give our loved ones is to plan as much as we can in advance. What can we do so that our family will not have to deal with Probate Court? What are all the 100+ things that need to be done when one of us dies?

We can pre-plan for many of these things and make sure our family does not have extra burdens to handle in the middle of an already difficult time.   

The discussion will be led by Cristy Carbon-Gaul, the Bernalillo County Probate Judge and Estate Planning attorney, Mark Ballard, Director of Advance Planning, and Barbara Shelton, Advance Planning Consultant for French Funerals & Cremations.

October 14th, from 11:30am - 1pm

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Thanks to the generosity of our annual sponsors, NM-NEW events are free to attend.

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About NM-NEW

NM-NEW, Inc. is a New Mexico focused 501c3 nonprofit organization in the early stages of development. Our intention is to proactively engage New Mexicans aged 50-70-plus, whose wisdom, expertise, and knowledge is invaluable to New Mexico's future.

We affectionately call the 50-70+ age cohort New Elders, recognizing that many who are new to the age 50 and over club do not think of themselves as seniors.

By providing pathways of engagement through learning programs, work/volunteer opportunities, and social connection, we hope to inspire multigenerational collaboration. NM-NEW is organic and local. We invite your participation, ideas, and input to inform how we grow.

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