Powerland Named Canada Partner of the Year by NVIDIA Partner Network

June 21, 2021 - Press Release

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Winnipeg, Manitoba - June 21, 2021 - Powerland today announced it has been selected as the NVIDIA Partner of the Year.

Powerland is a leader in the Canadian technology industry. For over 35 years, Powerland has been one of Canada's leading and fastest-growing IT solutions providers, helping clients transform their business, empower their workforce, and provide a better experience for their customers through leading-edge technologies like those from NVIDIA.

The NPN program provides partners with the expertise required to develop, deploy and maintain world-class accelerated computing solutions designed for today's most demanding machine learning and AI workloads.

Joining the NPN program has enabled Powerland to meet the needs of its customers looking to build AI infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

“NVIDIA solutions bring exceptional value while providing entirely new business models and opportunities to our clients. We're proud to be recognized through this award and look forward to expanding our client's bottom lines and growth capabilities for many years to come with NVIDIA innovations and leading-edge technologies,” said Curtis Dery, Executive Vice President at Powerland.

“NVIDIA collaborates with Powerland every day to deliver accelerated computing solutions for a broad range of customer environments,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “Together, Powerland and NVIDIA ensure that Powerland customers receive the best available technologies and services.”

The future growth that Powerland sees aligned with NVIDIA's vision and solutions in an ever-changing technology world through the digital transformation model is a foundational change in how an organization will deliver value to its customers. Companies are rethinking how they will use technology. Powerland has always focused on delivering business outcomes to its clients throughout the changing landscape. Now with the adoption of AI and MLOps, Powerland will continue to expand on how to provide increasing operational efficiency, while mitigating risks, accelerating growth and innovation through AIOps as a Service models. Powerland is an expert guide through the next phase of IT, so businesses can deliver at scale while maintaining agility and security augmented by Powerland-certified expertise in NVIDIA technologies.

About Powerland

Founded 35-plus years ago and headquartered in Winnipeg, Powerland positioned itself to the edge of IT innovation. This, and aligning its strategic partnership along the way, helped Powerland to continuously thrive and survive in one of the most disruptive and competitive industries. This journey has allowed Powerland to experience growth and now operate across the country in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. See www.powerland.ca

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