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Michelle Ray: February 25th - March 18th

David Irvine: April 08th

Pat Mussieux: May 06th

9 AM - 11:30 AM

Align's Spring Executive Leadership Series


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Born in Australia and now residing in Vancouver, Michelle Ray is an award- winning international leadership keynote speaker, author, educator and entrepreneur who advocates the importance of developing outstanding, future-ready leaders, change agents and engaged teams. She is the founder of Lead Yourself First Enterprises and has worked with all levels of community service organizations, renowned corporations, and numerous business associations as a respected expert and thought leader since 1995.

Michelle began her career in media and advertising, generating record-breaking revenues for the sales team of the world’s largest cinema advertising contractor in the midst of a severe recessionary climate. With a proven background in achieving outstanding results as a business leader, Michelle has since worked with many global brands as well as numerous business associations and corporations in diverse industry sectors including accounting, finance, technology, retail and insurance (to name a few.) She is a sought-after expert on leadership, talent trends, change, resilience and building dynamic workplace relationships.

In addition to her corporate background, Michelle broadened her leadership experience during her tenure as a program director with Junior Achievement, an internationally renowned non-profit organization committed to educating future generations about business. She secured financial commitments and volunteer support from an array of corporations, facilitating enduring partnerships between youth, entrepreneurs and educators.

Michelle has appeared as a guest on many news and current affairs programs. She is the author of Lead Yourself First! Indispensable Lessons in Business & in Life. Michelle is a Certified Virtual Presenter and is one of 1200 people worldwide to have earned the

Certified Speaking Professional Designation. Her new leadership book helping leaders navigate the future of work is due for release in the Fall of 2021. (Publisher: Page Two



David is a widely sought-after speaker, author, and trusted leadership advisor. His work has helped build accountable, authentic organizations across North America, making him one of the most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture.

He has advanced degrees in human development, science, and social work. With more than 35 years of experience as a family therapist, workshop facilitator, lecturer, and adviser to executives, he has developed a unique personal and practical approach to inspiring leaders and transforming lives.

David has worked with people in the public, private, not-for-profit, family business, and entrepreneurial sectors across North America, including:

  • CEOs and senior executives all levels of management
  • frontline service providers
  • salespeople
  • educators
  • law enforcement personnel
  • healthcare professionals

Thousands of people attend his programs every year, and he has also taught courses at three universities and the Banff Centre. David’s presentations, workshops, retreats, and writing won’t just move you –– they’ll get you moving.

David is a bestselling author of seven books, with over 300,000 copies sold worldwide. The Other Everest: Navigating the Pathway to Authentic Leadership is the most recent and brings together the learnings, teachings, and wisdom gleaned over a lifetime of meaningful work.

The popular Caring Is Everything: Getting to the Heart of Humanity, Leadership and Life, deals with the importance of caring in all aspects of our lives.

As a former nationally ranked distance runner, he also maintains an active lifestyle of yoga, boxing, and hiking. David lives with his wife in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Cochrane, Alberta

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Pat Mussieux is an internationally acclaimed speaker, award-winning business coach, TV host and author located in Edmonton, Canada.

Her newest book, ‘Business Gets Better When YOU Get Better! How to Change Yourself to Change Your Results” will be released in the summer of 2021. She has also co-written ‘Leadership Gurus Speak Out!” contributing her wisdom and expertise in the fields of Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Training.

She has appeared regularly in media and print publications. Pat won the (New York based) STEVIE Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada (4x), the STEVIE Award for Women in Business – Female Executive of the Year in Canada. Pat has been named as one of the “Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Experts to follow on Twitter”. She has also been nominated for Chatelaine magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year’.

Having transformed her life at age 57 from trash bag to travel in a private plane around the world, as well as taking her business from zero to close to a million dollars in less than 6 years are a direct result of her expertise in the area of mindset, marketing and money. She works with entrepreneurs around the world, including a mentoring project in both Johannesburg and Zimbabwe.

Pat regularly hosted a TV show, ‘Wealthy Women Leaders’ – where she interviewed successful, mature women entrepreneurs discussing the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’ of being in business and leadership. The intention of the show is to spark and inspire budding entrepreneurs when it comes to mindset, leadership and success.

She is very well known for her skills and expertise in the areas of networking, marketing, time/energy management, life balance ……and her mantra is ‘it’s never too late’! Her presentations are timely and relevant when it comes to productivity, motivation and inspiration.

Pat is well known in the world of association management having been involved, over a period of 30 years, as a board member, committee member, strategic planning facilitator and speaker at the local, Provincial and National levels. She has been a keynote speaker at national conferences for the CSAE and the Alzheimer society.

And while she loves all of that, her most important role and commitment is that of grandmother to 3 amazing young adults!!  

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Michelle Ray's Upcoming Events

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

February 25, 2021

Lead Yourself First!

Resiliency Strategies when the Buck Stops with Me

March 4, 2021

Who Moved My Future?™

How to Lead with Certainty during Uncertain Times

March 11, 2021

Leading in Real-Time™

Leadership Survival Skills in a Radically Changing World

March 18, 2021

Home Alone:

How to Engage and Inspire in a Remote Reality

(Finale Session to include “Ask Michelle Anything”)

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David Irvine Upcoming Event

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

April 08, 2021

Masterclass In Authentic Leadership:

Moving Forward Together

Organizations today need leaders who demonstrate high standards of character, compassion, and personal accountability, and who make decisions based on enduring principles rather than the tyranny of short-term urgency. The world hungers for leaders who are authentic—people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and who inspire trust in the people around them by being honest and real. In the face of the unprecedented disruption that continues with us, an opportunity lies before us to open our hearts, discover our authentic leadership, and amplify our impact through a deeper presence.

You’ll leave this thought-provoking, inspiring, live-streaming presentation with practical insights and strategies for developing leadership in all areas of your life – through the power of your authentic presence. Based on David’s books, The Other Everest:

Navigating the Pathway to Authentic Leadership, and Caring Is Everything: Getting To The Heart Of Humanity, Leadership and Life, this presentation won’t just move you –– it will get you moving.

  • Leave with a tool for assessing and taking your organization’s health to the next level of excellence.
  • Learn practical strategies for refining the three fundamental tasks of an authentic leader: fostering trust, engaging talent, and ensuring accountability.
  • Strengthen your true source of leadership power – your authentic presence.
  • Discover how to amplify your influence and impact by connecting more deeply with your authentic self.

Pat Mussieux's Upcoming Event

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

May 06, 2021


In all the sessions leading up to this one, you’ve heard about everything from leading yourself first, resiliency, certainty and confidence, engagement and inspiration ………you’ve heard exactly about what you ‘ought’ to do.

But there is one last thing that will kill your success!

Pat is going to address that one thing on 3 different levels!

THIS is the session you will want to attend. THIS is the information that will make all the difference in the world. THIS is the session that will bring it all together for you.


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