What is a Pay-to-Play Party?

Pay-to-Play Parties (P2Ps) are hosted by an individual or a group of people ("P2P Hosts") who plan the party and pay the associated expenses. Community members purchase spots at the party, and 100% of the purchase price is donated to the Moraga Education Foundation to help fund grants to Camino Pablo, Los Perales, Rheem, JM, and Campo.  

When do people purchase spots at the party?

Most of the P2Ps will be available to sign up for at the MEF Online Auction from March 16-26. A couple of select parties will be available for purchase first by guests at the Auction Gala on March 25th. If there are still open spots at those parties after the Gala, they will be added to the Online Auction to be accessible to everyone!  

What does a P2P Host do?

We have a great Committee of experienced volunteers who can walk you through the whole process!  (Contact Urmila Taylor at [email protected].) Your P2P can be hosted by one person or a group of people. Having several P2P Co-Hosts lessens the workload and spreads the cost among more people.  If you have several P2P Co-Hosts, pick a Lead Host who will be the point person interacting with the P2P Committee.  P2P Hosts can work on their own or with the committee to:

The College Tailgate P2P Party this year was hosted by four couples. There were pizzas, drinks, cornhole, and beer pong - and lots of fun catching up with old friends and making new friends. Thanks to the P2P Hosts and guests, this party raised $10,000 for Moraga schools!

  • Pick a party theme
  • Pick a date and time that is convenient for them
  • Decide how many guests they want at the party
  • Come up with a party name and description
  • Estimate the cost of hosting the party (to help the P2P Committee determine the cost to attend)
  • Provide photos if available for the Committee to help "sell" the party
  • Determine if there are any restrictions (ie a kid event for 3rd-5th graders, JM parents only, adults only, etc.)
  • Tell their friends to sign up for their party

The Day at the Races P2P Party was hosted by 5 couples.  The afternoon and evening were filled with food, friends, and cocktails (hey Mint Juleps!). There were horse races and prizes for the best-dressed couple and best hat.  What a fun day raising $7,500 for Moraga Schools!

What happens after the spots are sold at the Auction?

Once the Auction is over, the P2P Committee will send the Hosts their guest list. The P2P Hosts then should reach out to the guests with a "Save the Date." A few weeks before the party, the P2P Hosts should send an Evite with details about the event and ask for RSVPs; guests can let you know if they can still make it. If Hosts end up having additional slots available that they would like to sell to raise even more funds for MEF, they can let the P2P Committee ([email protected]) or the MEF office know ([email protected]). 

Then the P2P Hosts hold their party!  P2P Hosts are responsible for the party's logistics and expenses.  If they need volunteers to help work at the party, they can reach out to the P2P Committee to get names off of the P2P Volunteer List.

Are the Hosts' Expenses Tax-Deductible?

The MEF office will provide you with a form indicating that you hosted a party for a certain number of people on a certain date and that the proceeds from that party benefitted the Moraga Education Foundation, Tax ID # 94-2791659.  You can submit this form along with your expenses to your tax professional and you may deduct your expenses to the extent provided by law.  

I'd like to Co-Host a party, but I don't have a group to host with.

No problem!  Reach out to the Chair of our P2P Committee Urmila Taylor at [email protected].  She can pair you up with some Co-Hosts.  What a great way to meet people!

I'm not sure I want to be a Host.  Is there another way I can help?

Absolutely! Our Hosts often need volunteers to help them run their events.  Sign up HERE  to join the P2P Volunteer Helper List and meet new friends while making a difference!  And if you have a Campo student who is willing to do a paid job - either babysitting or shuttling guests - you can sign them up HERE.

When do I need to decide?

The P2P Committee is trying to finalize this year's parties by the end of the calendar year, so please reach out to the Committee soon if you think you might be interested.  The parties will be sold during the Online and In Person Auctions in March, and you can hold your party anytime in the next calendar year, but they are typically held on a date sometime between April 1 and the end of December.  So get together with your friends and start planning!

Ready to be a P2P Host? Or do you have more questions? 

Reach out to the MEF P2P Committee!

Urmila Taylor, Committee Chair

[email protected]

The Pickleball P2P Party was hosted by 4 moms and was a casual evening of pickleball, food, and drinks.  Guests were encouraged to wear their best pickle attire and come have a good time!  This party raised $1,500 for Moraga schools!

This Mom's Night Out P2P Party was hosted by Joy in Motion and a few parents and invited 20 women for a night of hip-hop dancing followed by wine and cheese.  That's hip-hop, Moraga style!  This party raised $3,000 for Moraga schools!

Other Party Ideas to Get Your Creativity Flowing....

The party possibilities are endless!

  • Dance party - 90's Prom anyone?
  • Karaoke 
  • Neighborhood Crawl - 4 houses, each with different themes, food, and drink
  • Progressive Dinner Party
  • Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Wine Tasting
  • Boating Excursion
  • Flip Flops & Lemon Drops - Pedicures and cocktails!
  • Family Hiking
  • Cooking Party
  • A "How To" Party - share your special skills with us!
  • Family Movie Night
  • Cookie Decorating for Kids
  • Frisbee Golf Tournament
  • School Specific Party - like Crafts for CP 3rd-5th graders!
  • Elementary Minimum Days - Host a party for a group of kids at your school after early release!

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