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Join The Virtual Soup Pot and help us feed thousands of Canadians

Soup Sisters is taking our popular soup making events online with the help of some of Canada’s most notable chefs, so we can 'keep the soup flowing'!

For every ticket sold to The Virtual Pot online event series, Soup Sisters will deliver 4 lbs of delicious, comforting soup to a local shelter in your area. In the past decade thanks to our growing community, we have delivered over 2.5 million servings of delicious and comforting soup to agencies across the country and we have no plans of stopping!

Join top chefs in live online cooking classes, to make their favourite soup recipes. Simply purchase your ticket, and we’ll send you a grocery list to prepare for the class. On event day, you’ll login to the live Zoom class and

get cooking!

You can keep the soup all to yourself or deliver to family, friends and neighbours in need of a Hug in a Bowl. Our team will then deliver 4 lbs of soup made in

our commercial kitchens to a shelter in need thanks to your ticket purchase.

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Private Events are scheduled by request only and require a group minimum of 30 devices.

Public Events can be joined by soup-makers from East to West.

With each participant registered for a Soup Sisters virtual event we will deliver a

family size (4 lb) bag of delicious soup to a shelter in your local area.

Soup Sisters delivers 180+ servings of soup per event

to agencies in need across Canada!

headshot dan clapson.jpg

Food Writer Dan Clapson

Eat North

Dill Pickle and Leek Soup

March 16, 2021 5:00 MST


public event

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National Soup it Forward Day

With Chef Anna Olson

anna olson.jpg

Chef Anna Olson

Anna's Website

Cabbage Roll Soup

March 3, 2021 5:00 MST


public event

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bonnie stern.jpg

Chef Bonnie Stern

Bonnie's Website

Israeli Orange Soup

$49/pp Book Chef Bonnie for a private event *minimum group size of 30 people

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sarah Britton headshot .jpg

Sarah Britton

My New Roots

Cream of Broccoli and Cashew

March 10, 2021 2:00 MST


public event

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headshot dan clapson.jpg

Jennifer Schell

Jennifer's Website

Okanagan Orchard

April 24, 2021 4:00 MST


public event

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massimo Capra.jpg

Chef Massimo Capra

Chef Massimo Capra

Southwestern Black Bean Soup

April 14, 2021 4:00 MST


public event

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michael Smith.jpg

Chef Michael Smith

Chef Michael Smith

Farmhouse Chicken & Vegetable

Check back for early May


public event

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Cokbook trio-1.jpg

Chef Michael Allemeier

CMC (Certified Master Chef)

Sweet Garlic and Sunchoke

$49/pp Book Chef Allemeier for a private event *minimum group size 30

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Chef Rogelio Herrera

Alloy Restaurant Calgary

Curried Squash and Coconut

$49/pp Book Chef Rogelio for private event *minimum group size of 30

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Caren McSherry_2.jpg

Chef Caren McSherry

The Gourmet Warehouse

Tuscan Bean

$49/pp  Book Chef Caren for a private event *minimum group size of 30 people

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lisa ahier.jpg

Chef Lisa Ahier

Sobo, Tofino

Smoked Salmon Chowder

$49/pp  Book Chef Ahier for a private event *minimum group size of 30

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Liam Lewis

The Little Locavore

Cheeseburger Soup 

$49/pp  Book Liam for a private event *minimum group size of 30

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Nicole Gomes.jpg

Chef Nicole Gomes

Cluck N Cleaver

Zuppa di Pesce Italian Fish Soup

April 8, 2021 4:00 MST


public event 

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karen anderson.jpg

Karen Anderson

Alberta Food Tours

Speedy Triple S Soup

$49/pp  Book Karen for a private event *minimum group size of 30

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liana headshot.jpg

Chef Liana Robberecht

Apple Parsnip Cream with 

Chorizo Sausage

$49/pp  Book Chef Liana for a private event *minimum group size of 30 people

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Chef Jamie Harling

Harling Food Co

Spicy Moroccan Lentil Soup 

$49/pp Book Chef Harling for a private event *minimum group size of 30

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Together we can impact food insecurity

during these difficult times.

Since the onset of Covid-19 Soup Sisters has delivered fresh, heat & serve soup

to over 100,000 people in need.


We are so thankful for the incredible support we continue to receive from Soup Sisters despite the barriers presented by COVID-19.

Not only are you helping to feed our families in shelter, but you are sustaining our hard-working and dedicated

staff at the shelter.

Words cannot fully express how uplifting it is to know that your commitment to

Willow Place is steadfast.

Willow Place, Winnipeg

The majority of young people at The Doorway are food insecure.

Soup Sisters freezer full of soup gives our young people the security of knowing there is always a big, hearty, healthy meal for them.

They are very grateful for the food hampers they receive from other services, but food hampers often lack nutrients and can’t meet food preferences and dietary needs. Soup Sisters ensures their soups are loaded with vegetables and protein. It fills their hearts and their bellies.

The Doorway, Calgary

When you’re afraid and alone, confused and overwhelmed, sometimes what you need most is something simple, a small kindness, an uncomplicated gift, a wordless sign that somebody, somewhere, has you in their thoughts.

Each time a shelter resident sits down to a hot bowl of homemade soup, they receive a message of encouragement, compassion, and reassurance that renews their hope and determination when they desperately need support.

Kelowna Womens' Shelter, BC

Our most vulnerable neighbours have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. We have seen our regular clients; but what has been most eye-opening is the number of people we are serving who have not sought out our help in the past – an indication of “close to the edge”.

“We are all in this together;” and your kindness and generosity is a shining example of how we have all pulled together in response to this unprecedented crisis. 

Carlington Place, Ottawa

We are forever grateful to the Soup Sisters for donating delicious soup for the families at WINGS. Many of the women who live here struggle to put food on the table for their families, and being able to give their children a fresh, easy, and nutritious meal really makes them feel good. 

We are so thankful that Soup Sisters found an innovative way to continue to provide their soups to us and to other charities in need through this pandemic. Thank you Soup Sisters!

WINGS, Edmonton

We are so grateful to have received soup for our youth housing program. 

Our first client arrived to sign his lease and move in and we heated up soup and made bannock for this youth that had been homeless for many years. 

He was so happy to walk into the building to the smell of hot soup and bannock. He said it made him feel like home. Miigwech (thanks) for helping this young person and many more feel like they are home!

Triveri House, Calgary