JUNE 2023

ON2 Solutions recently visited Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital, where our OC-8V oxygen concentrators have become an essential part of their operations. We are proud to share the success story of how our concentrators are providing a reliable and cost-effective oxygen supply to this state-of-the-art animal hospital.

Enhancing Animal Care with ON2's Oxygen Concentrators: Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital, a brand new facility, is dedicated to delivering exceptional care to animals. With our OC-8V oxygen concentrators, the hospital has reliable on-site oxygen generation, supplying all the oxygen needed for their high-end equipment.

During our visit to Boundary Bay Animal Hospital, we were thrilled to witness the efficient performance of our OC-8V oxygen concentrators. As a company specializing in on-site oxygen generation, we were delighted to see our technology in action, supporting the hospital's critical operations.

The OC-8V oxygen concentrator stands at the forefront of oxygen generation technology, producing medical-grade oxygen by extracting it from ambient air. This eliminates the need for traditional oxygen cylinders, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution. The hospital's commitment to cutting-edge equipment aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver innovative oxygen solutions.

Benefits Beyond Expectations:

Our OC-8V concentrators generate oxygen on-site, resulting in significant cost savings for the hospital. They also ensure a constant and uninterrupted oxygen supply, eliminating concerns about running out during critical moments. The concentrators' user-friendly design simplifies oxygen management, allowing veterinarians to focus on delivering top-quality care.

Regardless of the size of your practice, ON2 Solutions offers a wide range of concentrators to meet your specific needs. Whether you require 10, 20, 40, 80, or 800 LPM, ON2 Solutions can tailor a solution to meet your unique requirements. Our Engineering team can deliver a system that exceed industry standards, ensuring continuous and cost-effective oxygen supply for your practice.

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