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As one of Canada’s leading and fastest-growing IT solution providers, Powerland helps each client transform their business, empower their workforce, and improve their customer experience. Powerland's long-term relationship with world-leading technology manufacturer Microsoft ensures our customers receive cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft 365. Powerland has the flexibility and agility to back our service with an experienced and certified client services team that delivers manufacturer and industry expertise.


Four ways to help prevent security breaches

1. Use anti-virus software

If you’re not already using anti-virus software, it’s a great place to start. Up-to-date software protects you from the latest malware, and patches help detect the latest malware that comes out.

2. Deploy multi-factor authorization

This is typically two-step authentication where users enter their password and are prompted to finish login on another device or app. Multi-factor authorization is effective because it means a hacker needs to get you twice with different approaches to login or access sensitive information.

3. Create a security-centric culture

Hold meetings and workshops that get all employees onboard with what security looks like and arm them with the tools and knowledge they need to safely browse the web and identify suspicious emails so they can protect themselves and the business.

4. Work with an IT security expert

Having a hard time identifying or meeting your cybersecurity needs? Work with an expert who can help you detect network weaknesses and improve your security policies.

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