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CRPUSD (Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District) planned to safely reopen 11 of their schools after months of not having in-class lectures and leaning on virtual zoom meetings. Their goal was to have the capability to accurately check students' temperatures at the beginning of school hours and prior to lunch. The biggest set-back was how that was going to be done and how can a student with a high temperature set a warning, to be able to take appropriate precautions and isolate the student from other students. Bolide Technology Group had a solution, with the use of BN2037TH and BN2006ACTC both students and staff would accurately have their temperature measured. 


During lunch, CRPUSD students will go to the gym of each school and have their temperature measured before receiving their lunch and having any sort of contact with other students. Bolide’s main solution was the use of BN2037TH(Body Temperature Measurement Camera), a thermal camera that would configure each student's temperature and display immediate results to a school’s staff laptop(connected to camera via network-- Internet Explore). As immediate results were displayed, staff would be able to take precautions to isolate the student with a high temperature from other students and prevent health issues(if presented).

The other solution used was the BN-2006ACTC (Access Control Camera + Face Recognition + Temperature Indicator), placed in the interior of buildings to measure staff temperature before clocking in.

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