Serendipity Talent Show 2020

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Serendipity will go on! New judges, new location and new night. The student body will be the judges!

November 12 7:00pm SUB Lawn





1.        Entry Procedures: You must read and complete the Official Contestant Entry Form by 4:30pm on November 6. You agree to keep the rules and regulations form for future reference.


2.        Performance Qualifications:


a.        Performance time for all acts will be no longer than four (4) minutes maximum. There will be a one point deduction from an acts overall score for each 10 seconds that the act exceeds the allocated performance time.

b.        All performances must be in good taste (i.e., incompliance with FCC Regulations such as would be acceptable for commercial television). Your act must also adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.  No music, lyrics, gestures, costumes or comedy material that the school considers to be rude or offensive may be used or performed. If you should do anything to be considered offensive by the show’s producer, the sound and lights will be cut off during your act and you will be disqualified!!


c.  The Student Body will vote on their favorite acts.


d.         If you wish to be a contestant, fill out your application by November 6, as well as show up to the site that will be sent in a future email. 


e.          Music will be due by Monday November 9. Since the show will be virtual there will be no exceptions to this.


f.         Contestants order of appearance will be determined by the show’s producer. Everyone can’t be last, and someone has to go first, so please don’t ask for special consideration!!

g. All acts will be required to wear a mask while on stage, unless singing. There will be no limit to how many people can be on stage but no one will be allowed to touch another participant.


If you have any questions regarding the talent show, you may contact Jason Gardner, Director of Student Activities, Student Union Building, 205-652-3624.


The Show:

Acts will perform live on stage and will be given specific times to arrive to follow COVID-19 rules.

Please make sure to check your UWA email for important show information.

Registration is now open to participate in our annual Serendipity Talent Show. Each act must be registered by November 6.

Please register at the link below: