For you, if you’re a small business owner selling services or products, and 

you want your website to be found, enjoy more traffic, have visitors to opting in and grow your list so that they buy from you and you get more sales and income

WITHOUT getting stuck with overwhelm or tech

When you invest in the Supercharged Website Mastermind you will:


  • Discover what to tweak on your web pages so that you can be found in search results and once they land on your site, it’s immediately engaging and obvious what you do so that visitors carry on exploring your site. 

  • Learn how to build an email list of raving fans who are super excited to receive your tips, offers and news drop right in front of their nose into their inbox, so that you don’t have to rely on social media’s algorithm to show your posts 

  • Get my expert help and guidance through my private Facebook Group and two-a-month Q&A/Hotseat Zoom sessions so you don’t get stuck in overwhelm or tech issues.


6-Month Group Online Mastermind:

Your investment: 

The investment is 6 monthly instalments of £240 

Or, choose to pay £1200 in full today and save £240


PHASE 1: REVIEW & REFINE YOUR WEBSITE so that it's clear who you serve and what you do

Your website needs to be great looking, attract and convert dream clients, so in this phase we make sure it is fit for purpose. 

Whether your site has been built in Wordpress, or something else, or perhaps it’s half finished, then here’s where we will get it refined and/or published.

I will review and critique your site so that when your dream customers visit, it’s 

  • CLEAR WHO YOU SERVE: Immediately obvious what you do so that they know they’re in the right place and to carry on exploring
  • EASY TO NAVIGATE: Has a compelling message and there’s nothing confusing or distracting so that visitors stay to take the next step.
  • GOOD ON MOBILE: Since over half of website traffic comes from a mobile device, we’ll check your site’s experience for mobile visitors so that you don’t risk turning away half your visitors before you’ve had a chance to tell them what you’re all about. 

If you’ve yet to even start your web build, then you’ll get my support on how to plan and get your website built and launched so that it’ll attract ideal clients from the start.

PHASE 2: BUILD AN EMAIL LIST OF RAVING FANS so you don’t have to rely on social media algorithms showing your posts

When visitors first land on your website, 99% of them will not be ready to buy from you. 

Instead of losing them, we incentivise them to stick around by offering them something free that they will value enough to pay you with their email address and attention.

In this section you will learn how to:


  • CREATE AN IRRESISTIBLE LEAD MAGNET that your audience will want to download.
  • SET UP A COMPELLING SIGN UP PAGE: Watch, step by step and publish your lead magnet so that your audience can download it. 
  • PUT TOGETHER YOUR FOLLOW UP NURTURE EMAIL SEQUENCE: I will share an email nurture sequence that warms up your prospective clients so that they get closer on their journey to becoming your paying client.

PHASE 3: CREATING EXPERT AUTHORITY CONTENT so that your website brings in new leads

Having created your lead magnet, we are going to elevate your authority. We do this with consistent and regular blogging. 

When your website has great content added regularly, your searchability to be found in Google searches is boosted because Google loves fresh content. 

In this module discover:

  • TOPICS TO WRITE ABOUT: Where to find inspiration for topics to write about including brainstorming ideas so that you’re not stuck with wondering what to blog about.
  • CAPTIVATING CONTENT: An elegant format you should follow so that search engines like Google favour your blog posts and ranks them higher in search results without cramping your natural style.
  • ADDING A BLOG TO YOUR WEBSITE: Look over my shoulder and easily assemble a blogging facility in your site, create blog posts with the content you’ve written and incorporate relevant images, so that it’s read by your readers whether they’re skimmers or read-every-detail readers.

PHASE 4: NURTURING YOUR AUDIENCE BY EMAIL so that you stay forefront

Having got prospects in your email list, we now keep in touch with regular emails reminding them of you, so that when they’re ready to buy they come to you and not your competitor.  

  • EMAILS THAT GET OPENED: I’ll share with you best practice tips how to construct emails, so that your audience will open your email and consume what you’ve written and take action (click, buy, call you).
  • OPTIMISE SOCIAL MEDIA: I’ll reveal 3 vital tweaks that will enable you to reach more potential customers through the social media platforms you are already using so that you attract more people to your website.
  • GET RESULTS WITH SEGMENTING: Master some simple tools within Constant Contact so that you can easily keep track of what activity your contacts are taking, so that you can create more of what’s working and tweak what isn’t. 

PHASE 5: GETTING FOUND IN GOOGLE, so that you reach more potential dream clients

We make sure that the foundations have been prepared correctly so that you can be found in Google searches. I show you some advanced techniques and tools for discovering what search terms you are being found for, where you rank, how to identify more terms to be found by, so that your website gets in front of more potential dream clients.


  • CONTENT THAT GETS YOUR WEBSITE FOUND: Find topics and terms that your dream customers are searching for so that you can then create a blog post that ranks better than your competitors, which means your website gets visited by more potential dream clients.
  • UNDERSTAND WHAT VISITORS DO ON YOUR SITE: Observe how visitors flow through your site, what pages and actions they take, so that you can make more informed decisions about growing your business.
  • IMPROVING SEARCHABILITY: Good content is one important element to good search engine ranking. There are also technical elements that search engines see that aren’t obvious to us humans and could be harming your search rankings. I’ll guide you how to audit your site and understand the results, so that you know what steps to take to address any issues.



  • OVERWHELM BUSTER: No need to feel overwhelmed as I’ll direct you to the best section or module you should focus on, depending on where you are in your journey, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and start seeing results sooner.

  • WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY: Every Friday you’ll be prompted to give an update on your wins, achievements, next week’s priorities and identify any potential trip hazards that may stop you in your tracks so that I can help keep you on track.

  • CHECKLISTS: You get access to my checklists so that you can keep track of what you’re doing and need to do so that planning your time is easier.

  • PERSONAL HELP: I’ll be hosting 2 live Hotseat/Q&A sessions per month where you get my personal help and guidance on your questions so that we work through any challenges you might come up against in creating and tweaking your website, lead magnets, emails, social posts and tech issues. 

  • PEER INSPIRATION: You’ll also be able to benefit from the guidance that I share when I answer other questions with your fellow delegates, so that you’re inspired for what else you might do in your own business.

  • RECORDINGS: There will be recordings of the live sessions so that you can review the tips and advice shared in the live sessions.

  • WEEKLY GET IT DONE SESSIONS: Every Thursday 11am I host a virtual co-working space for accountability where you can just get stuff done, which means you're not left alone to do this marketing thing.



This is a Done With You 6 Month Mentoring Mastermind. I’m committed to help you every step of the way and help you get your website working really well to attract and convert your dream clients. 

You won’t have to worry about tech changing or not behaving as it should. You’ll be able to tap into my years of next best practice experience with both tech and copy, so that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or frustrated that there’s yet another change to comply with.


You’ll have access to my private Mastermind Facebook group where I’ll be answering questions and guiding you through resolving problems you might encounter on all your online tools so that you don’t get stuck on tech or content. 


In addition, you’ll find other like-minded business owners going through the same as you, so you’ll be able to get feedback and inspiration from not just me, but your peers too.



Access to my Super Easy Website programme where you learn how to easily build a website using Constant Contact’s web building tool that’s great looking, attracts and converts dream clients WITHOUT having to hire a web designer, study code or struggle with WordPress.

  • 4 MODULES: See what I do in a series of short videos, then implement, step by step so that you can create your dream website easily, even if you’ve never built a website before. 

  • DEFINING YOUR DREAM CLIENT: We get super clear on who your dream client is and what problem they have that you solve and compose your homepage copy so that it attracts the right sort of people who you want as clients

  • COPY THAT CONVERTS: How to use the different layouts and text formats so that your copy is even more compelling and visitors take the action you want them to take (e.g. click here, sign up, buy, phone).


Access to my Biz Website Course where you learn how to create a WordPress website, even if you’re not that technical.

  • 10 MODULES: delivered through a series of short 5-10 minute videos where you literally sit on my shoulder watching me explain what I do so that you can pause and repeat what I’ve done.

  • BRANDING YOUR WEBSITE: Follow my guidance how to easily customise a blank website to match your exact branding colours, without having to know any coding, so that your brand is consistent.

  • SECURING YOUR WEBSITE AGAINST HACKERS: Very easy steps to keep your site safe from hackers, spammers and skimmers. I also show you how to manually back-up your site and apply updates so that your site’s software is up to date and secure from being hacked.


I will review and critique the customer journey from first landing on your website and the experience they get so that you have a clear idea what improvements to make so that when your ideal customers land on your website it is: 

  • CLEAR WHO YOU SERVE: Immediately obvious what you do so that they know they’re in the right place and to carry on reading

  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND: Has a compelling message and there’s nothing confusing or distracting so that readers stay and keep reading

  • CALLS TO ACTION: There’s suitable calls to action so that your dream clients take the action you want them to take.


6-Month Group Online Mastermind:

Your investment: 

The investment is 6 monthly instalments of £240 

Or, choose to pay £1200 in full today and save £240


What if I haven't finished my website?

That's fine, you will continue to get my support for your website build and you can bring your questions to a Q&A Hot Seat session to get you over any challenges or uncertainty you may be facing.

What will I need?

In addition to a website, you will need an email marketing tool. In this Mastermind programme I show you how to use Constant Contact. What I teach can apply to any email platform, though if you think tech will be a challenge, then I recommend Constant Contact, particularly if you’ve built your website using their tool. It is a far easier tool to use, more flexible and they have amazing support. We will use the full remit of Constant Contact tools which costs £30/m +VAT - see the table below.

What other costs are involved?

There are a few third party tools I’m going to share with you. Some are free and some have a nominal fee to use. I’ll guide you to which are best for you, so you don’t waste time and money experimenting.

What’s the difference between Constant Contact and WordPress?

Developers will tell you that WordPress is best because it's more flexible and can be customised. What they don't tell you is it's quite tricky and fiddly for non-developers. 

To get functionality, like landing pages, sign up forms, SEO, extra security, back ups, shoppable pages there's millions of themes and plugins to choose from then configure, not to speak of getting them to work nicely with each other - which is why you need a developer (or learn to be one)! All of that is covered in my Biz Website Course which is included as a bonus should you wish to go that route.

If you just want something super easy to use and has everything already installed, then Constant Contact is perfect and that’s why I love it. 

Here's a comparison:

Nadia's video testimonial

Hear Nadia's experience

Even though Nadia had no experience of building a website she was able to build an e-commerce website for her art business.

Being part of Vee's mastermind, she was able to fast-track her business knowledge and get clear on her business offering, optimise her social media channels and manage her own marketing.