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The Interfaith Climate Action Team (ICAT) is a part of the Northern AZ Climate Change Alliance. The Northern AZ Climate Change Alliance (NAZCCA) is made up of people and organizations from all parts of northern Arizona. Its mission is “to inform and engage people from all walks of life to join a broad and diverse climate movement across Northern Arizona. NAZCCA seeks to raise awareness of the threats of climate change and activate residents to organize and work toward solutions that reduce human impact on climate. By informing, engaging and training people to fight for change, we hope to achieve a future that is sustainable for all peoples and life on Earth.”

ICAT is made up of members from various faith groups (Catholic, non-denominational Christian, Methodist, Jewish, Baháʼí) in the Quad cities. The purpose of ICAT is to work with the local churches

  • To educate members on climate change.
  • To inform members of climate change events that are happening in northern Arizona.
  • To involve members in activities and initiatives that support the science of climate change. 

It is our goal to publish articles on climate change in the Weekly Greetings on a periodic basis.  With all that is happening to our earth now: rise in temperatures and massive fires, severe flooding, stronger hurricanes and more frequent tornadoes, it is imperative that we take action now.

If you want additional information or would like to become involved in the Interfaith Climate Action Team, contact Gary or Jean at 928-777-8961 or kisergj69@gmail.com


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