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FDHA, in accordance with Colonial Life, is pleased to make the following insurance benefits available to you.

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In Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

You are being offered additional, complimentary, value added services. Law Assure & Wellcard Discount Savings are being offered NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Law Assure will allow you to create a will, power of attorney and/or health care directive at no cost. Wellcard has many valuable discounts including virtual discounts on streaming services and 24/7 Doctor, Dental and Vetpet hotlines.

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  • Tiffany Sanchez: 561-634-1551 (English)
  • Ginny Shadowens: 561-504-1357 (English)
  • Paula Fearday: 217-690-1283 (English)
  • Howard Horowitz: 866-901-8246 (English)
  • Lourdes Price: 305-799-6881 (Bi-lingual)

For your convenience email: 

tiffany.sanchez@coloniallifesales.com (online scheduler link can go here instead)


With most Colonial Life insurance products: 

  • You're paid regardless of any insurance you may have with other companies
  • Coverages are available for you and your family with most products

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Coverage is subject to policy exclusions and limitations that may affect benefits payable. See your Colonial Life benefits counselor for complete details. 

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