Family Harvest Farm, Main Gate

The construction of the planting circle at the main entrance to the farm was one of the projects that LSR willingly agreed to do. It will be the first impression of visitors to the farm.


This is the entrance prior to the construction of the main planting area. The concept w to build a circular planting bed which would become to a central olive tree surrounded by lavendar


First step: Find the center of the circle and lay out the circumference of the circle. The first run of blocks is in place.


Alex Arnold and Kim Overaa aligning blocks and build a three tiered circle


Yes, it is round and finally starting to look

like something


The next step is to add the top soil to the planting area. We should have had a contest to guess how soil it would require. The answer: eighteen yards and all of that had to be shoveled and raked into place. The olive is placed centrally and will grow to be fifteen to twenty feet tall.


The finished planting area with the olive and lavender

planted. It will be dramatic as the plants grow over the next few years. The top photo shows the finished planting circle.