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What A Wonderful World!

Unity Worldwide Ministries Curriculum

Our preschool (ages 3, 4, and 5) lessons are from the Unity Worldwide Ministries curriculum What a Wonderful World! The themes correspond to the elementary Celebrating My God-self series. Our preschoolers are full of excitement, imagination, and wonder, and their lessons are perfectly catered to their developmental needs as they learn about God and the world around them.


For our 1st-5th grade students, we are using the curriculum Lumindorf from Diane Venzera, Unity curriculum writer. This curriculum is an enormously popular interactive exploration of metaphysics and Unity principles using video clips from the Harry Potter movies.

The Four Agreements

In our teen group, we are using the curriculum The Four Agreements, created by our own YFM Team, based on the book by don Miguel Luiz. These interactive lessons allow our teens to explore the agreements they have made with themselves, others, God, and society as a whole. Through these agreements, one determines how they see themselves, what is possible for them, how they should behave, and their worth as a person. The book is broken up into an exploration of the four agreements: "Be impeccable with your word", "Do not take anything personally", "Do not make assumptions", and "Always do your best."

Our YFM program is staffed by our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team! Contact Jane Harden, Interim Coordinator for Youth and Family Ministry, at 540-598-9783 or [email protected] to discuss the exciting volunteer opportunities in our YFM program.

Sunday Volunteers

Volunteers serve in our YFM Sunday program during the 11:00 am service. Volunteers may serve 1 or 2 Sundays per month consistent with their schedule and will receive volunteer orientation and training. Lesson plans and all supplies are provided.

Team Leaders and Partners for Special Events

Holiday Parties Volunteers serve as team leaders and partners. They plan, set up, and facilitate various parties for our youth during the year. Party plans and decorations are provided.

Christmas Pageant Each year, our YFM youth present a Sunday Christmas pageant! Volunteers serve as team leaders and partners. We typically hold two rehearsals leading up to the pageant. Simple scripts, costumes, and props are provided.

Physical Space and Supplies

Supply Coordinator Each Sunday, our teachers receive a box of supplies needed for the activities in the lesson. Volunteers gather the supplies for each Sunday and put them away when class is finished.  

Bulletin Boards Volunteers manage the many YFM bulletin boards. We have a closet full of seasonal bulletin board items to decorate our bulletin boards and classrooms!