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Article written by Daniela Maszhold, Principal Partnership Development Lead at Google

Businesses don't come to Google Cloud for infrastructure services alone. They're interested in Google Cloud's data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) capabilities to reimagine their businesses in their particular markets. They want to easily build no- and low-code digital-native applications for the cloud. And they want collaboration tools that can be streamlined to satisfy their personal work style preferences.

So, when we at Google Cloud looked at how we could help businesses the most, it was clear that providing infrastructure services was only a start. Though companies are always looking for cloud compute or storage, they are also looking for an innovation partner that helps them accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. With cloud and virtualized infrastructure being a given nowadays, they turn to us to see what's next.

This is where the partnership with Automation Anywhere comes in. We saw several benefits in bringing the strengths of our two companies together, and we're thrilled at the opportunities we're opening up for our mutual customers.

Intelligent automation workflows

First, by combining Google Cloud's AI solution portfolio with the cloud-native Automation 360 platform, users can either build automation with the best AI tools and/or adopt business process workflows in the cloud to scale their digital transformations. Gone are the days of long setup periods and slow installations. Google Cloud and Automation Anywhere ensure you're ready to go on day one.

We go further than simply providing the integrated tools—as easy-to-use and invaluable as they are. We are also committing to co-create intelligent automation solutions specific to industries and their unique needs. So, banking customers, for example, can get an out-of-the-box mortgage bot that intelligently automates the entire lending process, end to end. This eliminates the need to design and train bots from scratch and helps customers save valuable time.

Helpful desktop assistant for office workers

We also wanted to integrate automation capabilities into the personal productivity tools employees use every day. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)—consisting of Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and more—gives employees all the digital tools they need to do their best work. By integrating Workspace with AARI—the digital assistant at work—office workers trigger bots to complete work all while staying in their favorite app.

1+1=3 Security

As we bring new innovations to the market together, security will remain at the forefront. Both Google Cloud and Automation Anywhere offer the strongest foundational security to give our customers the confidence they can run their digital transformation initiatives on the cloud. Data is secure using the same infrastructure and security services we use for our own operations. Data at rest and data in motion are encrypted. And since both Google Cloud and Automation Anywhere have received the highest levels of security certifications—such as SOC and ISO—and are fully compliant with GDPR, the European Union's standard for privacy protection, as well as several other industry regulations, security-conscious businesses can build their bots with confidence.

Looking forward

As companies proceed with their digital transformations, their ability to build intelligent, secure bots in the cloud for a broad range of use cases; scale application automation using API management and low- or no-code tools; and bring intelligent RPA capabilities to a broad range of Google Cloud products will separate them from the pack and provide a competitive edge that will be hard to beat. That's why we are entering into a strategic, multi-year collaboration with Automation Anywhere, a leader in cloud-native RPA.

For more information on how your current Google Cloud solution integrates with RPA, specifically and solely with Automation Anywhere, reach out to our sales team at