2022 has been a year of huge success at Acuity Technical Solutions.


Acuity Technical Solutions is as a state certified small business and micro business. In 2007, we started out as an IT consulting firm. Since then, we’ve expanded to provide hardware, software, and non-IT consulting services. In 2022, we continued our explosive growth as the State’s fastest growing certified small business as we experienced a jaw dropping 150% growth in revenue. Acuity sold products and consulting to over one hundred state departments and we are adding more departments almost every week. We couldn’t have done this without our partners and the team at Acuity Technical Solutions.


Acuity Technical Solutions LLC had a very exciting year in 2022. Our IT Consulting Contracts won in previous years successfully continued forward into 2022. We won two new IT Consulting contracts at EDD and a very important high-end Project Managers at California Department of Technology. In addition, we were awarded a Senior Technical Engineering support contract at CA Department of Health Care Services which started in January 2022. Finally, we were awarded an IT Consulting contract at CA Department of Housing and Community Development. Acuity then is involved currently with eleven (11) IT Consulting contracts at the State which includes twenty-four (24) consultants currently working at seven different state departments.


Acuity was excited to have our current CMAS contract renewed through July 11, 2027. In addition, Acuity secured an award for the TDDC IT MSA Contract in April which is good for a three-year period with 2 likely two-year extensions. Acuity is proud to be a Tier 3 contract for the TDDC IT MSA contract which means Acuity can supply staffing for contracts up to 5 million dollars.


We are excited for what 2023 will bring in the area of IT Consulting. Acuity has set itself apart from other state certified small businesses in our successes with IT Consulting at the State including our CMAS and TDDC IT MSA contract awards and our current eleven IT Consulting projects at the state. Acuity welcomes departments to send IT Consulting RFOs and we are always open to speaking with IT Consultants who want to work for a firm like Acuity who treats our IT Consultants well and provides the support they need while on state IT projects.


We also built strong relationships with a variety of companies (varying in size and solution) that we believe are invaluable to the state or have the potential to help California departments in a positive way.


Below are a few companies that we are thrilled to have added to our portfolio

·       Dynatrace – Application monitoring and visibility using AI and automation

·       OneTrust – Privacy management software (Governance, Risk, Compliance)

·       City Innovate – Procurement modernization and efficiency

·       Invicti – Web application security tests using automation

·       eCivis – Grant management platform

·       Mcorp – Project Management tools, testing software, and analytics (ReM score)

·       Simpligov – Forms and workflow automation

·       SentinelOne – Enterprise security platform (Threat detection, hunting, and response)

·       Extrahop – Network detection and response

·       Armis – Asset identification (IoT), vulnerability and security deviation detection

·       Palo Alto Networks – The only firewall to identify, control, and inspect SSL encrypted traffic

·       Forescout – Network Access Control

·       Recorded Future – Data collection and aggregation. Data categorized and provided risk scores

·       Crow Canyon Software – Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams automation

· ZPE Systems – Software defined infrastructure, vendor neutral, in-band and out-of-band consoles, routers, and software

We also continued to build our relationships with our existing partners:

·       GitLab – DevOps automation that fully encompasses the software development lifecycle

·       CounterCraft – Cyber deception platform

·       Gigamon – Network traffic visibility

·       Proofpoint – Email protection and security (social media, mobile devices, and security training)

·       VMware – Virtualization and cloud computing

·       Equidox – PDF remediation

·       Skillsoft – Training and classes

This year, we’re also proud to have accomplished the following:

·       To officially have over 20 CMAS contracts

·       To be added to Crow Canyon Software’s SLP contract

·       To be added to City Innovate’s SLP contract

·       To start a DevOps Technical User Group in the area in conjunction with GitLab (SacLab)

·       The remodel and rebrand of our website, and other marketing material

·       Having dedicated line cards for each California state department

·       Being a sponsor of “Toast to Tech” and having the opportunity to highlight some of our key partners

·       Our partnership with Tech CA

·       Successfully renewing our IT Consulting CMAS Contract

·       Being awarded a TDDC IT MSA Tier 3 contract (up to 5 million dollars)

·       Increasing our full-time consultants to 24 working at the state

·       Adding great new Acuity team staff to our state team


We are proud to be working with an industry whose role is to better the citizens of our state. Thank you for choosing to work with our state certified small business in 2022, and we look forward to working with you again in 2023!