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Winter Evanston Sports Classes @ Roberts Crown and Chandler Newberger

We Got Game Winter Classes are here!

We are proud to announce that we are hosting our Winter Classes @ Robert Crown and The Chandler Newberger Center.

Our coaches make sure we teach the fundamentals of the game, keeping it active and fun while working on age-appropriate offensive and defensive strategies.

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Chandler Newberger Center

Classes at Chandler will be for Basketball Only!

Enthusiastic and experienced coaches provide expert and fun instruction in basketball basics: dribbling, shooting, passing, footwork, etc.

Skill-based games let kids put their new knowledge into practice, giving them a solid foundation from which to grow.

4-6 Year Old Basketball Skills

6-8 Year Old Basketball Skills

8-9 Year Old Basketball Skills

9-11 Girls Basketball Skills

9-11 Boys Basketball Skills

5-7 Basketball Skills Camp

8-10 Basketball Skills Camp

11-14 Basketball Skills Camp

Robert Crown

An age-appropriate introduction to organized play and skill building in a variety of sports. We focus on fun while emphasizing rules and developing social skills.

Programs Coming Soon!

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Classes Start the Week of 1/2!

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