Whether you are called to support others, interested in gaining grief specific knowledge for your own use or you are interested in building a lucrative coaching business, this program is for you! Fulfillment, or answering a “calling” has been recognized by experts as a significant way to nurture happiness. If your grief and healing journey awakened a deep longing to explore your unique way to use healthy information to uplift those stuck in despair, this program will provide the tools necessary to do just that. There is a great need for grief and healing education and completing this program will offer you the ability to impact others on a greater scale.

This self-pace program consists of two training modules for you to download and study at your own pace, two separate 1-hour Zoom sessions to discuss each and answer any questions that may arise, a final exam consisting of 50 true/false questions and 5 essay questions and a final Zoom session to discuss the exam and any missed questions.

Cost of the program is only $998.00 for a limited time!

You do have the option to schedule additional Zoom sessions at the rate of $225.00 per hour.

Once you have completed your registration and submitted payment, you will receive the Master Grief Coach Certification Agreement and both study modules, Grief Coaching Certification Guide and Understanding Grief and Healing. If you do not receive them, please check your bulk or junk mail folders and if still not there, please reach out to me at [email protected].

I am thrilled that you have invested in this program and in yourself and excited to see you grow and evolve! If at any time you have questions, please reach out to me. I will be in contact to schedule your first Zoom session.

Warmest regards,

Terri Chaplin, Certified Master Grief Coach, Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner and Best Selling Author