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Business Starter Pack


"What do I really need?" is a question we hear from new clients time again.

Over the years we have assisted and at times, co-managed and operated dozen's of startups. All of which are still in business today. Let's make you one of them!

Business Starter Pac

Startup package includes: 

1. Constant Contact - Direct email marketing account 

2. Website - Constant Contact

3. Google - My Business, Analytics, etc. 

4. Branding - Logo, slogan, etc.

5. Presentation and Campaign - Let's discuss

6. YouTube channel - Including business intro video

7. Social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, etc.

8. B2B or Consumer list - Let's discuss

You may have initiated some of the above. We can and will work with you. Our aim is for you to succeed!

Additional services are available.



Business Development Consults


Business Analysis

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Direct Email Marketing


Website and Social Media


We are all in this together! There is always a way to boost, increase and expand your business. Being active and promoting your business NOW is more important than ever before. You WILL see a difference immediately...so be ready!

Call or Text: (949) 933-9326 or email [email protected] to schedule your consultation and first step to success.

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