Welcome to the Greenland Hills Neighborhood!


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 "Why I Love the M Streets" - D Magazine


Greetings, New Neighbors!

Residents of Greenland Hills think our neighborhood is a special place. Perhaps you do, too! Many of us moved to the M Streets because we fell in love with the neighborhood, the tree-lined streets, the charming architecture, and the old-fashioned feel.

There's much more to Greenland Hills.

We hope you stay awhile and discover it for yourself!

On behalf of the GHNA Board of Directors

and its members,

welcome to our neighborhood! 

- Laura Pratt, GHNA President

Living in Greenland Hills comes with a few perks....and a few responsibilities.


About Greenland Hills

We are proud to be a City of Dallas Conservation District neighborhood [C.D. #9 M-Streets]. If you are thinking about making changes to your home and property, tap below to learn more about the process and how to avoid assessed penalties.

Thank you for joining us in maintaining the character of our neighborhood.


Do Your Part

In the interest of public safety, residents of Dallas are required to keep their alleys clear, their parkway trees trimmed and their sidewalks repaired.

Tap below to learn more about the guidelines that support public safety and programs that benefit our residents.

Visit the City of Dallas website ( link above) for more resident responsibilities and services.


Become A Member

All residents (owners and renters alike) are eligible to be a member of the GHNA and/or Crime Watch.

For more information about the benefits of each program, tap the button below.

Greenland Hills is Celebrating 100 Years!

The year 2023 is special for Greenland Hills. In 1923 this neighborhood was established as one of the first planned developments in what was then "Far North Dallas". The GH Centennial Planning Committee is organizing a year of fun, starting with Centennial Spirit! Shop the Centennial Spirit store. Now through June 1st, shop the "Bundles" for discounts on souvenirs.

Greenland Hills is one of the largest collections of Tudor Revival homes in North America.

Pictured Above: GH ENP Officer Turano with Crime Watch Director Michael Malouf.

Pictured Below: 2022 Summer Popsicles & Crime Watch Front Yard Meet-Up.

A Message from Crime Watch Director, Michael Malouf:

Maintaining a Crime Watch program is among the most important measures we have in making our neighborhood safe. Another is being aware of what you can personally do to prevent criminal activity from happening to you.

Theft occurs in nearly all parts of Dallas. While it occurs at a significantly lower rate inside our neighborhood ( thank you, Crime Watch Members!), it still happens from time to time.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent theft from happening to you:

  • Avoid leaving your car unlocked and avoid leaving things (visible) in your car.
  • Park cars in your driveway overnight in lieu of the street.
  • Make sure your backyard gate to the alley is locked when not in use.

We look forward to getting to know you and I hope you will consider becoming a member of Crime Watch! 

- Greenland Hills Crime Watch Director, Michael Malouf 1996-present