Thank You For Your Generosity!

Time and again, so many in our community recognize that when crisis comes, be it a natural disaster, economic depression or even global pandemic, so too does an opportunity to extend a helping hand to our most vulnerable.

Fortunately, in the face of so much unknown, people of all ages and means rose to the call to provide strangers in our community stability and security through Season of Sharing during an otherwise overwhelming moment in history.

This response of neighborly love has sustained our hearts. The indomitable, welcoming spirit of our community has bolstered much-needed support that is here to respond to the global pandemic and beyond.

And now, we want to humbly thank you again by sharing and celebrating the remarkable achievements of a year marked by healing and tremendous giving. We invite you to rediscover the heartfelt storytelling and philanthropic spirit behind this year's Season of Sharing campaign. Scroll below to begin!

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Think for a moment of Season of Sharing means beyond the dollar signs. Emotional stability for families like the Jordans, whose single mother of three could not once pay the full amount of rent. Or a sigh of relief for seniors like Mary Jackson, who received a three-day eviction notice from her landlord despite her limited income. Or a respite for parents Mario and Maria, who spent their resources on back-and-forth commutes from the hospital to give their baby boy, Jarel, the strength to fight for his life after being born premature.

Behind each of these glimpses is a story waiting to be heard. With heartfelt compassion guiding their pen strokes, the skilled journalists at the Herald-Tribune have captured our community’s capacity to heal through the voices of those in need, who have willingly shared their difficulties with no shortage of courage to catalyze and spur action.

Action taken by all of you and so many others.

Storytelling combined with philanthropy will continue to meet this moment.

And while our future is still being drafted, the indomitable heart and spirit behind Season of Sharing is ready to repair, restore and rebuild so each one of us can fulfill our greatest potential and thrive. To that we say:

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