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Never Bury a Bumper´╗┐

Bumper Recycling pick up service is FREE when you choose to Recycle W/Carhart. Save your valuable labor, reduce your waste, and Certify your RECYCLE. Never Bury a Bumper, choose to recycle your bumpers with Carhart.

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Bumper Pile Pick Up

Carhart will pick up your replaced bumpers. Removal of extra attachments such as brackets, bolts, and non-conforming plastics is not mandatory, but is greatly appreciated.

Some service areas require a minimum quantity.


Click here to request a FREE bumper recycling pick-up

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Add a Bumper Bin

Too busy to worry about junk bumpers? With Carhart's never full program we will take care of it for you. Carhart will service your bin and never allow bumpers to pile up again. Includes a Bumper Recycling Bin, and friendly no hassle automatic service.

Ideal for dealerships and collision repair facilities that want to keep their areas neat, clean, and organized.

$39.00 /Month

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Lean and Green

Similar to your recycling efforts at home, this bin allows you to recycle all of the following plastic components in one convenient bin and is serviced bi-weekly;

Plastic Bumpers


Wheel Liners


Bedliners and More!

$89.00 /Month