A conversation with beloved Physical Therapist, Patti Gehman

How long have you worked with Lori?

It's been almost 20 years.

How did you two meet?

We met through a mutual craniosacral therapy connection. Lori was looking for someone to fill in for her when she was on vacation.

What drew you to Physical Therapy?

I knew I wanted to either work with plants or people. But, it turns out I killed a lot of plants, so that narrowed my choice.

During a Career Day in highschool, I found Sports PT. Back then, the pre-PT program was only two years. When I told my advisor I was interested, she warned me that only 60 people out of 600 get into PT school and asked, "So what is your back-up plan?" Laughing, I told her that if I didn’t get in, my back up was truck driving.

I've noticed you are someone who loves to learn and is continually growing her skillset. Can you walk me through the evolution of your studies/practice?

How much time do we have... that's a 40-year walk! In the beginning it was manual therapy and skills. Then I studied the Feldenkrais Method (somatic education with gentle movement and directed attention) for more movement.

I worked as a therapist in a pool where I learned Watsu, a form of water therapy, (also called hydrotherapy). Watsu involves stretches, massages, and acupressure in warm water. For this practice you have to be very present with the client. I learned a lot during this time.

Continuing on my path of growth and learning, I studied pelvic health, the use of lasers, visceral manipulation, and, most recently, Heart-Centered Therapy with Alaya Chik at the Chikly Institute. This has been a profound and life-changing practice. I continue to study with Alaya and enjoy weaving Heart-Centered Therapy into my work.

My pathway for study has been drawn a lot from what my own body needs.

What's a favorite part of your workday?

Working with people who are motivated, engaged and really participate in their own healing process.

What is your super power?

I'd say my super power is helping people to connect with their own geniuses. Helping them access their innate capacity to heal. I see people with all my senses and can hold space to witness people without judgement.

Often clients tell me stories they haven't shared with anyone. We end up accessing emotional content they are carrying as well as working the physical and mechanical aspects of treatment. 

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I bicycled across the country and down both coasts.

What do you want people to know about Health in Motion?

We are a holistic treatment center. We have learned to care for ourselves and each other, which allows us to care for our clients from a more balanced place. We practice what we teach.


If you want to book an appointment with Patti give me a call. Below is a list of her specialities.

  • Orthopedic PT - she's a genius with shoulders
  • Myofascial Release
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Holistic Pelvic Care
  • Heart-Centered Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation

"We are a holistic treatment center.

We care for ourselves and each other,

which allows us to care for our clients

from a more balanced place.

We practice what we teach."

– Patti