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Here's An Idea...Significantly Grow Your Business and Work Fewer Hours

Do you want to Dramatically increase profits from your business? How about running a top-notch team that is empowered? Ever wish you had more leisure time to spend with family and friends? If so, you must attend this no cost, no obligation Master Class.

Why? Because you'll learn the step-by-step KEYS to unlocking your company's profit potential and simple strategies to work fewer hours, hire the right employees and make more money.

You'll learn:

  • How to get more from your team
  • Proven strategies to dramatically increase profits
  • where you MUST focus your attention as an owner
  • Powerful time (self) management strategies

Here's what some attendees have said about the 6 Steps Master Class:

  • "I really enjoyed the class. There were a lot of interesting questions Jeff asked that made me look at how I am handling my business and really made me look at what I need to be doing. He. also gave me great tips to increase my company's growth." Stephanie
  • "Excellent program - I highly recommend." Troy
  • "Jeff is a great teacher who brings creative ideas and solutions." Frank
  • "Attracting the right people to help run my business effectively is very important to me. This workshop has provided great information and insight to meet my hiring objectives." Ebony

When: July 22 from 11:30am - 12:15pm

Where: Virtual