Opioid Settlement & Litigation

Indiana is a part of the $26 billion national settlement with Johnson & Johnson, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson. Indiana’s share of the settlement is approximately $507 million and all cities, towns, and counties in the state are participating in the settlement.

Attorney General Todd Rokita announces $507 million agreement with opioid distributors, manufacturer

PowerPoint covering HEA 1193

Through the Opioid Solutions Initiative, NACo empowers local leaders to invest resources in effective treatment, recovery, prevention and other public health practices that save lives and address the underlying causes of substance use disorder.

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Memorandum from SBOA

In preparation for the distribution of the Opioid Settlement funds, we have established two funds to account for the settlement transactions and provide transparency for reporting on the use of the funds.

Fund 1237 Opioid Restricted Funds

Fund 1238 Opioid Unrestricted Funds


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