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Introducing the World's Smallest and Lightest Mobile Workstations

The future of high performance computing is here! The HP ZBook is designed for professionals looking for the next generation in power and who put a high degree of importance on mobility and performance.

HP has redesigned its ZBook series of mobile workstations with focuses on mobility, performance, reliability, security and sustainability. Some of the key features include:

-Engineered to go mobile with a thin and light design

-New thermal solutions and quieter device

-Pro-grade performance with new CPU

-New graphics to meet the needs of professionals

-Next generation security 

-Premium materials: lightweight aluminum

-371% faster performance than the competition with GPU heavy workflows

-Up to 7x more powerful rendering power than the competition

-First DreamColour Display with all day battery life

zBook hp logo.png
zBook hp logo.png

ZBook Workstation Brochure

Zbook + Adobe Brochure

As the industry evolves we are in a time of exciting change, new trends and technology drive innovation. Together POWERLAND and HP are your trusted solutions advisors and are here to help fit the right solution for your needs.

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