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What is an Immersion Experience?

an interactive in person experience

You may see or hear words like:

Body Mapping, A/B Game, Tantra, Tantric Touch, yoni, lingam, sacred spot,

Kink, conscious kink/tantra kink, floggers, rope, sensation items,

dom session, guided touch experiences

These are just some examples of what you can explore in an in person immersion.

First know that everything is completely confidential.

This is a non-judgmental space you can use your own words to share.

Every experience is different.

These sessions are a co-creation.

We focus on what you want to explore, learn and or experience.

What to expect in an Immersion Experience

This is a fluid framework I use for many sessions.

First we will start the session with an embodiment practice. Embodiment is what we practice to get out of our heads and into our bodies. We play with breath, sound, movement, imagination, creativity.

Second we acknowledge

Why you are here/your main intentions.

What you hope to experience/acompolish.

Any challenges you are having that you are ready to resolve.

Other examples: answer questions, teaching/learnings,

explore the Blueprints, (if you don't know your blueprint type take the

quiz here.

Third, we will have consent and boundaries conversations so as a result,

you can recreate a safe container in your real life.

What is a container/consent conversation?

Talking about desires, boundaries,safe word, after care, time, what repair looks like

Then coming to an agreement.

Next is the body mapping/tantra/kink/guided/ teaching experience

Upon completion of that experience and aftercare.

You speak into wins, insights and learnings.

Finally we plan next steps and integration

The session location is at St Pete Retreat

located in St Petersburg FL 33704

The Sex Coach Couple Sessions 

Johnny Vajra and Stacie Ysidro  are both certified Erotic Blueprint coaches and Tantra practitioners. Stacie has been living an alternative lifestyle for decades immersed in the world of sexuality.

Johnny is an erotic artist with years of exploration and training.  Johnny and Stacie founded St Pete Retreat together in 2021.

Together. Stacie and Johnny have the experience and willingness to support you in your erotic exploration. In person immersion experiences with

The Sex Coach Couple sessions start at 90min $1000*

We also create personalized retreats starting at $1500* for overnight

(room included in investment)

They serve clients together and individually at their urban tropical retreat space in St Petersburg FL 33704. 

Schedule a call with Johnny and Stacie 

Schedule an Immersion Experience with Johnny and Stacie

Immersion Experience Investments* starting at

Single person:

$450 1 hr

$700 90 min

$900 2hr session


90min $1000

2.5 hr $1200

Overnight Personalized Retreat

Holiday Specials

Sessions with Johnny and Stacie

15 minute call

1hr online call $400

2.5 hr Couples Recess $1400

Special events

Couples Temple Night

Couples Tantra Workshop: Recess

Kinky Congress

 *A deposit must be made to secure your reservation.

To be sent via zelle, venmo, cash app, crypto, paypal, cash.

Deposits are non refundable.

You may reschedule a reservation 48hrs in advance without penalty.

Wear something comfortable you can move in. You can be in clothes or not.

You can wear bathing suit or undergarments or you can dress up

Bring water bottle you can refill

Any items for aftercare, examples: blanket, robe, favorite snack or beverage

Sensation items you want to explore, toys you want to use or want to know how to use

journal or paper and writing utensil for notes, downloads

Don't have a partner but want to work with one? 

Ask me about bringing in a model for you to work with. 

A direct and compelling headline

Know your Blueprint

Own your Blueprint 

Expand your Blueprint 

 First, you found out what your blueprint is by taking the quiz. Now you are curious.

How can this information transform my life through an

in person immersion experience? 

 In the Blueprint Breakthrough course we teach you how to

play the A/B game. This game takes you on a full body exploration.

Leaving you with a map of

how your body experiences arousal and pleasure.

You learn how to set the rules for the game and

how to play the game.

It is a somatic, body based, experience you can play on yourself or with a partner. We use different sensation items to see how your body experiences arousal and pleasure.

Body Mapping with the A/B game is great for couples and singles.

Through Body Mapping,

I will help you (and your partner/s) go deeper into your core Erotic Blueprint is,

get the skills and experience

you need to expand your capacity for pleasure.

Couples love Tantra sessions because of the deepening of connection and intimacy

they experience. 

Tantra is about presence, awareness, energy, the senses, connection. Tantric practices can take you to non ordinary states of consciousness…Oneness, Expansion, Transcendence, Transformation and of course Love. Oh and multiple orgasms.

 The first place to start is with yourself. You learn embodiment practices, breathing techniques. You learn to make sounds, use your voice to activate empowerment, pleasure, boundaries and desires. We tune into your body movements and sensations.

Release old stories, beliefs, energy stuck in your body with quantum body work, Ritual Tantric Touch: yoni massage, lingam massage, sacred spot/prostate.

 Increase your pleasure with erotic massage skills and sexual reflexology. 

Experience how every moment can be pleasure filled and sacred when you practice what you lean in a tantra session.

Looking for a group class experience?

Tantra Essentials is

the 3rd Thursday of the month 6:30pm to 8pm

You are probably more kinky

than you realize!

 Did you know that kink

can be anything that is taboo to you?

 That's right, normal is what's normal to you, anything outside of that norm can be considered kink.

This is one of the most creative ways to explore sexuality. 

 Psychological kink, sensation based kink,  power dynamics, taboo. Kink doesn't always have

to be sensation based! Explore energy/Polarity play, dominance and submission, fantasy and

role play. 

Develop your erotic personalities. Learn the psychology of kink.

When sensation is your pleasure…

Explore safely flogging, spanking, bondage and other sensation items. We have a St Andrew's Cross and other kink furniture to play on. 

There is so much to explore and you start right where you are at. Zero judgments. 

Curious about Rope Bondage?

Check out

Rope Marks

Rope Bondage Class

by Mark and Regal

at St Pete Retreat

*A deposit must be made to secure your reservation.

To be sent via zelle, venmo, cash app, crypto, paypal, cash.

Deposits are non refundable.

You may reschedule a reservation 48hrs in advance without penalty.