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The Report is in. The time is now.

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For the last year, an ongoing effort to understand the problems that plague the MBUSD Music Program has been underway. National expert Dr. John Benham's analysis of the music program and how it reached the point of untenability led to the formation of a Music Subcommittee to study the issue. That Subcommittee has recently made its Report and Recommendations for restoring the music program, and setting it on a path to sustainability.

The school board has already begun discussing the budget for the 2021-22 school year. Despite the fact that music programs are in dire need of investment and support, on March 3rd, the School Board passed Resolution 2021-07 and cut 0.4 FTE (2 classes) from the high school music program. Read our response to those cuts HERE.

Our music programs can't withstand more cuts. Rather, the first phase of the Music Subcommittee's Report must be implemented now. We believe that there are sound reasons why the District should financially support its music program (read more HERE). The District has the money. It is a matter of deciding to fund music as part of a balanced approach.

That won't happen unless the community raises its voice, and urges the Board of Trustees to financially support music. We are asking that you sign our Petition, and add your voice to our call for an increase of at least a 3.0 (and not more than 6.5) FTE increase for music instruction and implementation of the Subcommittee's Recommendations for the 2021-22 school year.

Or, if you prefer, submit a public comment urging the School Board to adopt the Recommendations in the Report. The link for public comments changes for each meeting. The most recent link will be posted here as it becomes available.

For public comment tips and templates, click HERE and go to the "Tips and Templates" tab.

To read a history of the music program in MBUSD, the work of the Music Subcommittee, or to access our library of resources, articles, documents and links (including Dr. Benham's original report), click HERE.

To view the School Board's initial discussion on the Music Subcommittee's Report, click HERE.

Thank you for your crucial support of the Music Program!

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