The Living Christmas Story

December 8, 9, 10 @ 6:30PM

Starting in December of 1987, Killearn Methodist Church has brought to life the Greatest Story Ever Told. We transform into the little town of Bethlehem, complete with Roman soldiers, the Annunciation, Shepherds tending (live sheep), Angels, King Herod's Court, Mary and Joseph at the Inn, Tax Collectors, Fishermen, Wise Men,

the Nativity and the Empty Cross of the Risen Christ.

Sojourners are invited to "follow the star" leading them to the gates of Bethlehem. Upon entering, they are transported back over two-thousand years to experience the sights and sounds of Jesus' birthplace.

Everyone is invited to this FREE community event. Visitors may drive through in their vehicle or park locally and walk to the hayride waiting area. It is recommended to arrive early and expect a long line... but the experience is truly worth the wait.


  • Enter the neighborhood via Killearny Way, Kerry Forest, Centerville Rd/Shamrock which are marked by large signs. Then follow the smaller detailed directional signs to get to the drive through line.

  • Parking for the hayride is marked by signs and arrows on Killearny Way and Shamrock Street.


  • Out of consideration for actors in demanding roles and live animals, lines will be monitored for time as it gets closer to 8:30 PM.


  • Killearn Methodist looks forward to you experiencing the 36th live reenactment of

The Living Christmas Story!


"Take Down Day" is Monday, December 11

We will deconstruct our little town of Bethlehem on Monday, December 11. Come anytime from 8:00am or thereafter. Lunch will be provided. The more people we have - the merrier it will be!