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Discover practical time management systems to breakdown your one-hour appointment. These practical approaches will help you improve patient communication, increase case acceptance, boost productivity, and decrease stress.

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What students are saying...

I bet on myself with my holiday bonus and purchased Thrive in the Op. From refreshers of the

basics in hygiene to what we didn’t learn in school, the nitty gritty side of dentistry, Amber’s

course taught me to have confidence in growing into the hygienist I want to be. I have found a

community of like-minded professionals that support, encourage, and teach. From the one-on-

one personal couching for negotiating a worthy contract to book clubs encompasses the span

of support you will receive. We are real individuals “that show up like we are” and fill up to be

the elevated dental hygienists that dentistry needs.

Meagen Lehrfeld CRDH

Here's What We'll Cover...

Time Management Strategies

Increasing Productivity In the Clinic

Thriving in Life

Practical approaches to breaking down a one-hour appointment

With techniques for improving patient communication and increasing case acceptance

Strategies for balancing work and life

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Meet Amber Auger...

Amber Auger, MPH, RDH, is a highly accomplished dental hygienist dedicated to elevating oral care by identifying underlying causes of diseases. With over 17 years of experience, Amber specializes in practical systems that integrate cutting-edge oral science.

Recognized for the 2019 Sunstar Award of Distinction, Amber is a sought-after industry expert. She contributes to renowned publications, like RDH Magazine and DentistryIQ, and serves as RDH Graduate newsletter's editorial director. In addition to being a Clinical Marketing Strategist at Endeavor Business Media, she also hosts the engaging #AskAmberRDH series.

Amber's commitment to expanding access to care extends globally, providing preventive hygiene services in Romania, Kenya, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Actively mentoring fellow hygienists, she fosters personal and professional growth through the Thrive in the Op® on-demand course curriculum and live coaching.

As owner of the esteemed Functional RDH® certification, Amber empowers professionals to identify dental dysbiosis and restore holistic well-being through comprehensive lectures. 

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