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Join us at 12 PM on Saturday, April 3rd,

starting at EPIC (Edora Pool/Ice Center),

or use the map below to meet us along the way!

Here is our intended route planned for the big parade on Saturday!

Join us where you can or start with us at EPIC at Noon.

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The Ride for Jeni leaves EPIC at 12:00 pm

- From EPIC we’ll ride to Golden Meadows (4324 Mcmurry Ave) via the Power Trail: 3.0 miles

- From Golden Meadows Park we’ll ride to Fossil Creek Park (5821 S Lemay Ave): 2.8 miles

- From Fossil Creek Park we’ll ride to Zwei Brewing (4612 S Mason St #120) via Fossil Creek

Trail/Mason Trail: 2.3 miles

- Total Distance to Zwei Brewing: 8.1 miles

From Zwei Brewing, take the same route back to EPIC: Total Ride Distance: 16.2

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