(Photo: Bob serving watermelon to a one-year old Michael. Mary at Disneyland with five-year old Michael).

Bob and Mary Nelson Leadership Scholarship

Both Bob Nelson and Mary Capponi were the children of immigrants to the United States. Bob's family came from Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden) and Mary's family came from Italy. Of the four of them (Olaf, Byrdis, Maria, and Dario), Maria went to school the longest. She came to the United States with an 8th grade education.

The Nelson's and Capponi's set a goal that all of their children would graduate from high school. All four of Olaf and Byrdis' children and all seven of Maria and Dario's children did graduate from high school. Bob and Mary both attended Enumclaw High School. Bob graduated in 1937 and Mary in 1941. After serving in World War II, Bob Nelson met Mary Capponi at a dance. They dated and were married in 1947.

Bob and Mary had three children (Bob, Tim, and Michael). It was their goal that each of their three boys receive a college diploma. It was their not so secret goal (since it was discussed at the dinner table each night) that each of their children become an educator. Each of their boys chose to work with children from teaching to administration. Two of Bob and Mary's grandchildren are currently educators.

The Bob and Mary Nelson Leadership Scholarship has been set up at Enumclaw High School for a student who has demonstrated servant leadership and is intending to pursue a degree in education.