All Those Advantage Ads

If you’re turning 65 – even if it’s not for another year – you’re being inundated with mailings and robocalls regarding your Medicare choice. It’s annoying and confusing for you. But it’s highly profitable for the people trying to sell you Medicare Advantage.

You see, with an Advantage plan (Medicare Part C), you give up your choice of doctors to be in an insurance company network and use only their doctors and hospitals. The insurance company gets a monthly stipend for your membership whether you use the insurance or not.

We simply won’t sell Advantage plans to our Illinois clients. We’ve seen insurance companies decline to cover doctor requested care or to allow use in other states or treatment in places like Mayo and Cleveland clinic. 

“But Advantage has Silver Sneakers”, people tell us. We can get you a Medicare Supplement with Silver Sneakers and other perks. It will pay the 20% of your healthcare costs Medicare doesn’t pay. You can use it with any doctor who takes Medicare anywhere in the US. 

We’ll help you get your Medicare card, supplement and Part D prescription plan. We’ll always be here to answer any questions or concerns. 847-362-8888.

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