Brianne Christiansen, This Is Me

My name is Brianne Christiansen, and I am the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Presbytery of Arkansas. I am passionate about helping young people to develop lives of deep faith and foster their Christian leadership skills. I believe that the best faith formation happens in the home and the home church, and so our Youth A-Team ministry is all about coming alongside congregations and building connections amongst the churches in the Presbytery.

I have spent most of my life serving the young people of the church. In junior high I started a Sunday School music program then moved into Vacation Bible School small group leading and then large group teaching. In college I spent my semesters as a chaplain’s assistant, teaching my peers how to lead in chapel, and my summers as a counselor and then high school camp director at our denomination’s camp.

I moved to Arkansas to work with my husband as the Co-Youth and Young Adult Directors at First United Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville, a position we still serve in today. When the opportunity arose for me to serve our young people on a denomination level, it was a perfect fit. I am close to finishing my second year with the Presbytery of Arkansas. Serving you all has been a pleasure. I say I have the best team in the Youth A-Team because it is true. There is no greater joy than empowering our student and adult leaders to take ownership of an idea and then watching as they bring a whole amazing youth event to fruition.

When I am not working, I spend my time hiking, playing with my dogs, volunteering at local theatres, and performing scripture with my husband and our ministry, The Word Out Loud. I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment because I am in my final semester at Western Theological Seminary and my final unit of CPE. I am a Candidate for Ministry here in the Presbytery, and I am anxiously awaiting ordination and opportunity to continue to serve you all as a Minister of Word and Sacrament.

To the King,

To the Restoration,