I've worked with crystals for years, and I frequently refer to them as my "babies". They are with me wherever I am. So I wasn't too surprised when they asked me to share their language, new healing practices, and their desire to connect with us even more. They don't want to be used, they want to help.

I invite you to join us for a fun journey connecting with the sacredness of crystals and the sacredness within you.

-The Käzmik Priestess

Here's what we're doing for $11.11/week ($44.44)

Series 1 Course Schedule

  • Week 1 Work with The Light-keeper - Selenite
  • Healing crystals and our current evolution
  • Receive a channeled message from Selenite Crystal Spirit 
  • Practice exercise to connect with the light within (mirror exercise)
  • Week 2 Work with The Love Detector - Rose Quartz
  • Accessing oneness with the love of self
  • Receive a channeled message from Rose Quartz Crystal Spirit
  • Practice connecting with Rose Quartz as a compass to guide you to paths with greater amounts of love
  • Week 3 Work with The Channel - Malachite
  • Healing through the intellect stored in the body
  • Receive a channeled message from Malachite Crystal Spirit
  • Practice intellectual recall with Malachite’s guidance
  • Week 4 Bringing it all together
  • What do these 3 crystals have in common?
  • Bring a crystal to class for a channeled message


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Flexible course options

Choose the track that works best for your schedule - THURSDAY or SUNDAY

All classes will be recorded and available for playback.

This is the first of an ongoing series...we invite you to join us for connecting with all of the crystal spirits who wish to share insight.

Meet Thursdays beginning 9/30 from 6pm-7pm EST

Sept 30th, Oct 7th, Oct 14th, & Oct 21st

Meet Sundays beginning

10/3 from 3pm-4pm EST

Oct 3rd, Oct 10th, Oct 17th, & Oct 24th