IgA Nephropathy Awareness Day Friends/Partner Toolkit

As part of our mission to build a support network, we have created the “IgANCARE” program, which will serve as a medical provider resource for patients with IgA Nephropathy. We are actively looking for Nephrologists willing to participate in this program. There is no cost to participate, and your participation will help improve the lives of our patients living with IGA Nephropathy.

Social Media Handle and Hashtags

Handle: Please tag us in all posts

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram: @iganfoundation


  • #IgANDay
  • #IgANAware
  • #IgANephropathy

Social Media Content

Before May 14, please help us encourage participation by sharing the following posts on your social platforms:

Pre-May 14 IgAN Awareness Day Announcement:

We’re joining @IgANFoundation to celebrate IgA Nephropathy Awareness Day on May 14 and in the following week. Find out how you can get involved: https://bit.ly/37BUmAE #IgANAware #IgANDay #IgANephropathy

Crowdsourcing Patient Stories

If you are living with IgA Nephropathy, please consider sharing a 10-second video sharing what you're grateful for, what you're hopeful for, or what you love about your IgAN family. https://bit.ly/3mkEVEG #IgANAware #IgANDay @IgANFoundation

On May 14, please help us show our pride and educate others:

Educating the Public: General

It’s #IgANDay! Be #IgANAware: Early diagnosis and lifestyle changes may help postpone #IgANephropathy complications that can include kidney failure. Keep in mind common early signs of bloody or brown urine and blood pressure spikes. Learn more here & check your risk: https://bit.ly/3v9y9SG @IgANFoundation

Educating the Public: Disproportionate Asian Impact 

The percent of kidney failure resulting from #IgANephropathy among Asian Americans is 5x higher among Asian Americans than Caucasians. Learn more & check your risk this #IgANDay: https://bit.ly/3v9y9SG #IgANAware @IgANFoundation

Urge Others to Raise Awareness

If you or someone you love has #IgANephropathy, join us and @IgANFoundation to spread awareness by making posts of your own this #IgANDay and throughout the #IgANAware spirit week: https://igan.org/iganday/warrior/  

Mother’s Day Focus –

Encourage Membership and Donation

This #IgANDay, we’re proud to support @IgANFoundation, which was sparked by a mother’s love. If you or a loved one have #IgANephropathy, become a member of the family to gain resources & support the community, or donate to help fund research: https://igan.org/iganday  

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