We are excited to announce our 2022 Rendezvous!

Below you will find information about each event, the event dates, and registration. All rendezvous are guided by our experienced staff and include events along the way, such as BBQs and floatie parties. Please note, registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If an event has reached capacity, join the waitlist and we will contact you should a spot become available!



JUNE 18 - 20, 2022

Join us at Beausoleil Island for a weekend of family fun and memory-making. Georgian Bay Island National Park is an excellent location for families to explore and experience the perks that Canada’s only Island National Park has to offer.

LAKE SIMCOE BOATER FRIENDLY (see details in registration)

Great for boaters of all levels.

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JUNE 30 - JULY 3, 2022

Sail away with us and enjoy a long weekend of fun. Our annual Sailboat Rendezvous is a fun-filled weekend where sailors and their guests can enjoy the sun, BBQs, a floatie party, and create new friendships. This year registrants will vote on where we set sail. Location options are Giants Tomb, Hope Island, and 12 Mile Bay.

Great for sailors of all levels.

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JULY 9 - JULY 17, 2022

Cruise your way up the Bay with a great group of boaters! We will be venturing on a 9-day journey up Georgian Bay to anchorages and marinas until we reach our final destination of Killarney Mountain Lodge. Boaters can expect BBQs, floatie parties, socializing, and a Reception at the Lodge. (Deposit required)

All boater levels are welcome, but intermediate skills are an asset.

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JULY 23 - JULY 31, 2022

Trip two will feature all the same anchorages, marinas and events as trip 1 BUT will also include the option of an extended trip around the Bay through Tobermory and Owen Sound. During registration, boaters can indicate whether they are interested in joining the second half of the trip. There are no requirements to attend the second half of the journey. (Deposit required)

Great for boaters with some experience. Intermediate to advanced skills is an asset for the second leg of the journey.

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AUGUST 6, 2022

Calling all SAILORS! We are hosting our 2nd annual Sailboat Regatta and want to see you there. Participants can expect a day of excitement on the water where they will participate in a 2 to 3-hour race before heading back to our Wye Heritage location for a BBQ on the beach, complete with a live band and participation awards.

Great for sailors of all experience levels.

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AUGUST 12-14, 2022

Enjoy a weekend away basking in the sun, meeting new people and enjoying everything summer has to offer. Boaters will have the option to cruise to Massassaga independently or with our guide. The group will be anchoring in the Bay to enjoy a weekend of events such as a BBQ, pot luck on the rocks, floatie party, fishing contest and more!

Great trip for new and experienced boaters.

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Maple Leaf Marinas brought our family together on the water. Giving us purpose and a mission. This is how memories are made.

– Boater Testimonial from Sailboat Regatta 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the waitlist work?

Your name will be added to a first-come, first-serve sequence by registering for the waitlist. Boaters will be contacted if a space opens up on the trip they would like to register for.

How much do rendezvous cost?

It is FREE to register and attend a rendezvous, unless otherwise indicated. Boaters are responsible for paying for things such as fuel for their boat, food that is outside our scheduled meals (BBQ's and reception), and any mechanical issues that may arise along the way.

This year we will be taking deposits for the Killarney trip which will cover your slip fees. Please see registration for more information.

What can I expect on the trips?

Each trip has various events. Please refer to the event landing page for more details. Events include things such as BBQs, potlucks, contests, and more!

How many people can come on the trip with me?

You are welcome to bring as many guests as you would like. We ask that you provide a rough number of guests at registration to help us better prepare for events such as the BBQs or receptions, ensuring we have ample food and provisions.

What should I bring on the trip?

It is advised to bring the following items on your trip:

  1. Spare parts and tools (don't for get the oil filter wrench)
  2. Charts/Ports guide
  3. Up to date GPS
  4. Handheld VHF
  5. First aid kit
  6. 100’ tow line. (Even if your dinghy is on a davit it could break and you may have to tow it.)
  7. Binoculars
  8. Life jackets (enough for all guests on your boat)
  9. Know how to identify things like carbon monoxide. What it is and how to deal with it and how to prevent it.
  10. Shore power cheaters. (Extra length of shore power cords)
  11. Depending on your boats range, additional fuel in Gerry cans
  12. Ensure your anchor has a safety on it.
  13. Medication such as Benadryl, Gravol, etc.

Is there anything I can do to prepare?

There are three things that are a must when preparing for a rendezvous.

  1. You need to have your batteries tested. Even though you may have many batteries; they are only as strong as the weakest one. By ensuring the batteries are strong you eliminate equipment such as toilets and water pumps to fail.
  2. Fuel filters. Fuel filters take contaminates out of your fuel. This could be water or dirt in your tank.
  3. Impellers. The impellers enable your engines including your generator to cool properly and in turn not fail.
  4. Have your marina perform a once over on your boat mechanically.  

For any trip you do not want to rely on any destination having proper parts for your boat should one fail. Have your marina set you up with a parts kit specific for your boat. This could includes oils, impeller, water filters, bilge pump. Along with this check your safety gear including flares, first aid. 

For more information about the 2022 Rendezvous,

please contact Kathleen Hughson at [email protected] or (705) 427-4625