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The Cal Secure plan calls for a unified framework for cybersecurity professionals, and a desire to make all state employees aware of common security threats. Articulating the specific roles/knowledge requirements of cybersecurity professionals has allowed companies that specialize in training to formulate lessons that meet the State’s standards. Skillsoft is an educational technology company that has formulated trainings to meet the state’s criteria for cybersecurity professionals and for baseline cybersecurity classes. 

Using the NICE Framework generated by the NICCS, Skillsoft has developed a myriad of trainings that will meet the standards required by the state. There are currently 2,140 trainings listed on the NICCS’s website under Skillsoft, 314 are dedicated to security, and 8 are dedicated to cybersecurity.

To take a look at Skillsoft’s offerings that have been declared by the NICCS to align with the specific standards set by the Workforce Framework of Cybersecurity (NICE Framework), Click here. Type “Skillsoft” into the box titled “Provider” and scroll to see a listing of applicable Skillsoft trainings.

Our California Certified Small Business has Skillsoft on CMAS. For more information about Skillsoft’s trainings, reach out to our team at [email protected]