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As one of our veteran Supco® Tradefoxes, Andrew Jones has worked in the field every single day since 1994. With roots in California, he often experienced problems cleaning out condensate lines in areas that offered little access. Cutting the lines in tight spaces with no place to catch the water was time consuming and often led to ceiling damage. He wanted something compact and fast. “I woke up with the idea for a valve that was permanently mounted and multi-directional. I go to sleep thinking about problems, and actually wake up with the solutions.”

Andrew bought valves from the hardware store and fabricated his first Jones® Valve prototype, which worked just as he envisioned. After moving to Texas, he was able to pursue a patent, but manufacturing was a huge challenge. “I was introduced to Jim Adcox at SUPCO. SUPCO was able to navigate the manufacturing process and quality control that I wasn’t able to. It’s the perfect partnership.”

The theory of being able to service drain lines without having to cut the line influenced the International Code Council to change the International Mechanical Code 307.2.5 in 2015 to state: “Condensate drain lines shall be configured to permit the clearing of blockages and performance of maintenance without requiring the drain line to be cut .”

Jones says, “HVAC technicians are very innovative. In our trade we deal with such a wide spectrum of tasks and challenges and that breeds immense creativity. If you have an idea, pursue it – and call SUPCO.”



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