We are heating things up with this Forge Ember 300 Game Challenge. When you roll a sanctioned 300 game using your Forge Ember exclusively, we will send you a $100 virtual MOTIV® gift card to be used on the official MOTIV® website. And if you roll 3 in a row for a perfect 900 series, we will issue a gift card for $1,000!

See full terms and conditions below


The Forge Ember is a very versatile hybrid bowling ball that not only combines a pearl with a solid cover, but it also merges 2 outstanding cover technologies into one.


When you buy your Forge Ember, don't forget to jump on the MOTIV® website to register your ball. You will get a promo code for a discount on apparel and accessories.


When it's time to get paid, just submit everything to MOTIV® at service@motivbowling.com. Read the full terms and conditions below to see a list of everything we need.


Bowlers must roll a sanctioned 300 game between November 15, 2022 and December 31, 2022, using the Forge Ember for the entire game. A $1,000 gift card will be given to any bowler who rolls a sanctioned 900 series with the Forge Ember exclusively during the same time period. All submissions must be received by January 6, 2023.

To be eligible for consideration, bowlers must submit the following. MOTIV® staff and employees are not eligible.

  • Link to a video on social media showing the 10th frame.
  • Forge Ember serial number.
  • Photo of the score sheet.
  • Bowling center name and address.
  • Bowler's full name and contact information.

Upon verification, bowlers will receive a $100 virtual gift card for use at the official MOTIV website.