Creating Inner Sanctuary:

An Art Making Workshop

With Sara Roizen

Choose from two sessions:

Tuesday, March 9, 9-10 am or Thursday, March 11, 8-9 pm

Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. - Rumi

Although we are not currently able to gather in our temple’s sanctuary, there are ways

to create an inner sanctuary and stay deeply connected to ourselves and one another.

In this process-oriented workshop, Sara will lead you on a meditative and art making

journey to find the sanctuary that resides within. We will explore

ways of creating emotional space to hold our experience of these challenging

times to promote creative and spiritual nourishment.

Absolutely no art experience is required! TAA will be able to provide some art supplies

(pickup/delivery to be arranged) or you may use any pens, pencils, paint, and paper that you have at home.

(Please sign up by February 27th if you would like to receive supplies.)

REGISTER HERE for March 9, 9-10 am

REGISTER HERE for March 11, 8-9 pm

Bio: Sara Roizen is an artist and art therapist. She has facilitated art therapy groups with

children and adults for the past 11 years. She frequently weaves mindfulness and

meditation practices into work, while exploring the role of spirituality in

the creative process. Sara believes that every person has an innate creative spark that

can grow brighter when given attention and space.

Art: www.sararoizen.com

Art Therapy Blog: www.arttherapyspot.com

For questions, contact Ruth Budelmann or Sara Roizen