Meat Raffle FAQ's

What is a Meat Raffle? 

A meat raffle offers a variety of meat types and cuts for participants to win. This lively social gathering allows people to come together, mingle, and potentially take home high-quality meat from A & G Meats for their next family dinner, BBQ, or other occasions. The raffle features an array of meats, such as steaks, pork loins, chicken, ribs, chicken fingers, pizza logs, and more!


How Does It Work? 

 The meat raffle is divided into “rounds.” At the beginning of each round, the emcee will announce the items of meat for that round. Ticket sellers/runners walk around the room at the beginning of each round selling tickets.  

Each ticket price varies by the round, ranging from $1.00 to $5.00. Each ticket contains three numbers. If the wheel lands on any of your numbers for that round, you win the prize for that spin. There will be a total of 11 rounds, with several drawings per round.


During the event, we will be selling tickets to bid on some amazing prizes such as the AQ Graduation Package, $500 AQ Tuition Voucher, Black Button Distillery Gift Card, Camp Stella Maris Gift Certificate, and more! 


What To Bring: 

  • Food! Food will not be served at the event, so please feel free to bring your own charcuterie boards, favorite snacks, dips and beverages, to share with your table. 
  • BYOB: Alcoholic beverages are allowed. 
  • Cash: Single dollar bills are encouraged to make it easier for the cashiers when collecting money for tickets. 
  • Cooler: To store and carry home your winnings. 

Please note: NO ONE UNDER 21 will be allowed at this event  

For questions about the Meat Raffle, please contact the Aquinas Parents Association at [email protected]