Here's everything you need to know!

Calling all Ridge Students and Families!

#Ridgeflock is a fundraiser by our Student Ministries, and directly benefits students on missions, camps and weekend conferences. But beyond that, it's just plain FUN and a special opportunity for our group to come together and connect with the community. Your participation makes this happen!


We earn money by

  • "selling" the flocking service (see order form here)
  • carrying out a "flocking" on the assigned yards
  • picking up additional "orders" from the yards we "flock" if they want to "pass the flock on."

All you need is

  • To sell: use the order forms link on this page, find friends, neighbors, relatives who will donate to "flock a friend"
  • To help "Flock" yards AND retrieve the flamingos (both much needed!): Visit the Flocker Signup Genius and choose several dates you have open! (We ask that you don't attempt your assignment alone, that you at least have one other family member or friend to form a team with you.)

-------You receive individual fundraising credit based on the orders you personally secure and/or the number of nights you "Flock" Yards.---------

What to expect on a night you "Flock":

You will receive a packet with an assigned address to pick up from and an address to deliver to, along with the number of Flamingos involved (usually 15, 30 or 45 depending on order).

Pickup at first location is done anytime around dark. You also pick up the yard signs and any order forms that are left for us.

Dropoff is placed anytime after pickup. We give you tips on placement, but you decide how to arrange in the assigned yard! Finish with an order form on porch or sign and you're done!

Orders are asked to keep within a 10mile range of Oak Ridge, and many locations are in Oak Ridge Neighborhoods.

Contact Harrison if you'd like to be assigned to any specific yard (maybe it's your order, or a neighbor etc.). We'll do our best to schedule it for your night.

Recent pictures!

Remember to tag #Ridgeflock if you are posting on Facebook or Instagram so we can follow the birds' journey in 2023! (Search #Ridgeflock in either to see the fun unfold!)

Will you be next??? :)

#Ridgeflock is a fundraising ministry of "The Ridge" Student Ministries of Oak Ridge United Methodist Church (N.C.). Learn more about our student ministries here!