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Dynatrace produces a software intelligence platform based on artificial intelligence to monitor and optimize application performance and development, IT infrastructure, and user experience for businesses and government agencies throughout the world.

The Challenge of Digital Government

As government agencies look to modernize their IT environments, they face the very real challenge of dealing with legacy systems.

The attempt to collapse these complex legacy systems into a simplified application is putting pressure on agencies to deploy a modern application performance monitoring approach.

Every user, every app, everywhere approach has brought the demand for end-user experience to the forefront of government digital initiatives.

Government Moving to the Cloud

Government organizations are capitalizing on cloud as they are pressed to seek optimized business models while measuring their performance and services. Whether you are moving an application or your entire datacenter to a public, private or hybrid cloud, Dynatrace has you covered.

  • Dynatrace helps you understand current dependencies instantly
  • Cloud migration information all in one place
  • Dynatrace discovers all your application services before migration and automatically links them to the new equivalent cloud services, so no loss to historic data
  • Support hybrid cloud deployments as well as high-availability cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Once migration is complete, Dynatrace provides automated monitoring of cloud environments

Dynatrace runs on all Major Cloud Platform:

  •        AWS
  •        DC/OS
  •        Docker
  •        Google Cloud
  •        Heroku
  •        IBM Cloud
  •        Kubernetes
  •        Mesos
  •        Microsoft Azure
  •        Netflix OSS
  •          Openshift
  •        OpenStack
  •        Oracle Cloud
  •        Pivotal Platform
  •        SAP Cloud Platform
  •        VMware Cloud on AWS

Don’t get Caught off Guard.

For government, the importance of end-to-end observability gives agencies the ability to monitor the entire path of the user. Dynatrace provides 100% visibility of transactions. With full-stack monitoring, agencies can focus on the critical aspects driving application performance.

  • Understand each user journey and interaction with your application
  • Automatically detect and receive alerts to slow response times and outages
  • Prioritize performance optimization based on real-time updates
  • Gain complete insight across all your websites and native/hybrid mobile apps
  • Eliminate silos and collaborate across departments through visibility into actionable data based on digital experience

Dynatrace gives Governments Insights and Observability

Dynatrace is the best in class for finding and resolving problems fast, all the way down to the code level.

  • Dynatrace learns how your application environment performs and proactively detects anomalies
  • No more war rooms, artificial intelligence technology tells you where and why applications break down
  • With trillions of events analyzed each day, Dynatrace can pinpoint down to individual lines of code

Extract Data from the Backend for Real-Business Intelligence

Dynatrace is the only vendor that can extract data from the backend for real-business intelligence

  • Full stack monitoring from the front end to the back end
  • Support multiple generations of application technology that co-exits and works together
  • Complete observability across all tiers

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