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What is Gusto? Gusto is our preferred partner for payroll, benefits, and HR. Loved by small businesses, Gusto makes it easy to support your hardworking team

Unlimited monthly payrolls. Pay your team every week,

or use different pay schedules for different employees

– with no extra charge

Track time, in no time. PTO reporting and time-off

requests integrated with payroll

 So much more than payroll. Support your team with health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp, an employee

dashboard, plus powerful integrations – all in one place

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What your colleagues are saying about Gusto....

Gusto has been a game changer for me and my practices. One of the things I HATE most about being a business owner is payroll. I don't have an office manager to do this for me. It was taking me at least 3 hours twice a month to process payroll. Printing out time sheets, chasing my employees to correct their timecard mistakes, running overtime calculations, and so many other tasks were required to get payroll in on time. It's quite stressful. Luckily I was introduced to Gusto and made the switch. Now it's seamless, user friendly, and not only do my employees love it, I do! The best thing is the time clock feature. My employees use the app on their phone or desktop/website app to clock in and out. If they forget, they can change it themselves with a required note. Every pay period, I review the hours, hit export to run payroll. I check things over, and push run payroll. If they want to change their direct deposit info, they do it themselves. If they want to take a day off, they request it via the gusto app, and I can approve it, and gusto automatically puts their PTO hours as requested into the run payroll section, so I never forget. I honestly could go on an on about all the features.  -Dr. Janice Liao Shiao

Watch the SACDS Gusto Demo here.