Your input can help improve the future of brain injury services in Nebraska.

Nebraska VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) and the Nebraska Brain Injury Advisory Council are seeking input as part of a brain injury needs assessment. Three surveys were created to learn more about the experiences and needs of individuals with brain injury, family members/unpaid caregivers, and service providers.

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Surveys available through

April 30, 2024

• Please take the surveys that apply to you. If you fall under more than one of the categories below, you are welcome to take more than one survey.

• If you would like a printed/large print copy of the survey or wish to complete the survey over the phone, contact Liz Gebhart-Morgan with Partners for Insightful Evaluation (PIE) at [email protected] or (402) 413-8710.

Young woman who just had a car accident

Individuals with brain injury

This is for people in Nebraska who have experienced a brain injury. Although people can assist or fill out the survey on behalf of someone with a brain injury, the questions should be answered from the point of view of the person with the brain injury. 

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and your

responses will be anonymous (we will not be able to identify who you are), and you can skip questions you are unsure about or do not want to answer.

Take the survey for individuals

A family: couple with 2 small children

Family Members/Unpaid Caregivers

This is for family members and unpaid caregivers and support persons of individuals living with a brain injury in Nebraska. This does not include personal attendants or other paid caregivers.

The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and your responses will be anonymous (we will not be able to identify who you are).

Take the survey for family members and unpaid caregivers

Senior couple meeting with a social worker

Service Providers

This is for professionals who work for organizations or individuals (such as personal care attendants and paid caregivers) that provide support to individuals living with brain injury in Nebraska.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and your responses will be kept confidential (any identifying information will be removed for reporting).

Only available online.

Take the survey for service providers

Thank you for taking our survey!